Month: August 2013

Confessions of a Medium

Confessions of a Medium

I’ve always loved people and helping them has shaped my life. My prayer is, and has eternally been that my work be for the good of all. I don’t use my abilities to gamble, that is not what they are for. My intuition has pointed me in the direction of a good car deal or two, away from potentially toxic friendships, and alerted me to danger more than once. But I don’t do things with it that put other people at an unfair disadvantage.

I’ve learned to dull the noise that is the constant flow of psychic information running in, through and around me. Those close to me know that in order for me to be emotionally balanced, and to maintain healthy relationships, I do not, and will not read them. I’m open, however, to what the Universe wishes for me to know about myself and others. I refer to this as the friends and family filter, and it’s been a life saver, literally.

But when someone dear to me is about to break his leg, or worse, I’m not typically privy to such knowledge. My friends and family need their life experiences to grow and so do I.

The Universe is full and wise. Information is given to us, or held back, for reasons we may not understand until we ourselves are on the other side. So please don’t assume that I’m always in the know. When we assume, it’s out of fear. As a result, our egos inflate while our intellect and spirit are diminished.

When people make assumptions about me as a medium, I know their reaction speaks more to how they feel about themselves and their own natural instincts than it does about how they feel about me. That is why it’s never much mattered, and I’ve never much overly cared about any assumptions people have about me, until now.

Mediums have a light, and those in touch with their spirit or who are in spirit are drawn to that light. I’ve known this most of my adult life and frankly, I love it. Being a medium comes with a lot of responsibility, and I take it very seriously. I hope to not miss a sign or a chance to help. I do readings for the private and business sector, and when someone is in my office, or I’m on site, I’m on! I do pick up on details that could curl your hair! But when I’m shopping for shoes or at a party with my children, I’m not reading your mind.

What you are thinking is none of my business, and if you are wondering if I knew you would lose your job, or your marriage, the answer is a resounding NO. Had I known, I would have spoken up. Had I known, I would have done something, anything to help prevent what was to unfold.

My confession is, that over the past two years, I’ve wished harder than I would like to admit, and beyond reason, that I could have known and thereby prevented some of the tragic events that were about to unfold. Even though I know we all need our life experiences to grow as a soul and even though it would be poor boundaries to intrude, I wish I could have.

Building and maintaining my boundaries has been, and will always be a lifelong pursuit. So I must confess, that at the moment, my boundaries (and editing) are a little foggy. I’m just doing what I’ve always done to heal my heart… I write!

“Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.” Samuel Butler