Month: October 2013

From The ‘Woo Woo’ To The Corporate, From Mainstream To Those Who Swim Only Upstream, Intuition Is For Everyone!

This post was originally published a few years back when I wrote for Savvy Magazine. I decided to re-post because I love answering intuition-related questions and in the next weeks am going to answer a few on this blog!


“I will be choosing questions that everyone can relate to such as:

-Since my father died, my refrigerator light goes off on the anniversary of his death. Is this a sign from him or some freak coincidence?”

-How can I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?

-Ever since my older brother died two years ago, when I first meet people, I start to get all kinds of information about them. It is not like I’m looking, I don’t want to know this stuff. Can I stop it?

Here is how to ask your question!

-Follow my blog.

-Click on this link and send a short question that everyone can relate to. Please keep in mind that this is not a venue for a reading…It IS a great one for Q&A!

-I will chose one or two questions and answer them in my next new blog post.

-If all goes well, I’ll answer questions at least once a month on this blog.

And just so you know, the answer to the first example question above is …The light going off in the fridge is a sign from spirit!  Keep reading for the answers the other example questions!


For the past several months, I’ve been writing a Q&A column about the intuitive process for Savvy Magazine ( We have had some wild and inquisitive inquiries and we love them all! Questions have come in about ghosts, how to deal with intuitive kids, dying parents, and co-workers with negative energy. Additionally, we have also had some heartfelt questions about instincts and tragedy as well as how intuition can help those who compete in athletics.

From the ‘woo woo’ to the corporate, from mainstream to those who swim only upstream, Intuition is for everyone!

Are you a seeker? Are you sensitive to life’s nuances? Have you found that when you are in the rhythm and flow of life, receptive to and in line with all of your senses, everything flows more naturally? And of course, when you feel unaligned, do the small bumps you classically avoid become boulders? Do you wish to learn how to consciously navigate your way back into a better space? You intuition can be an enormous help! If you wish to learn more, there are a number of great avenues to take! For instance, you can read about it and watch intuition-friendly shows such as Twin Cities Live! and of course there are amazing events  designed to help boost your intuitive knowledge! 


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 Jodi Livon, author of The Happy Medium, intuitive coach and resident psychic at Twin Cities Live, says everyone is intuitive.

Each month readers ask Livon about their questions around intuition and all things supernatural. In this month’s edition, readers ask about discerning intuition from ego, intuitive boundaries and dealing with negative people.

How can I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?

Great question. Our Intuition speaks to us through a still quiet voice from within. It’s that inner knowing, that internal nudge that leads us to the right place at the right time. Our intuitive voice is calm and never puts us down or seems angry. On the other hand, our ego acts out of fear and often encourages us to assume and act out of selfishness. When we do so, our egos inflate while our intellect and spirit are diminished. As a result, our intuition naturally shuts down. If we center ourselves we can return to a blissful neutral, and reopen our heart and mind. The flow of psychic data is now liberated and able to reach the conscious mind at a more rapid speed. To do this work justice, we must stay tuned to the higher self and give the ego, which can act as a loaded gun, time off.

Ever since my older brother died two years ago, when I first meet people, I start to get all kinds of information about them. It is not like I’m looking, I don’t want to know this stuff. Can I stop it?

You can keep the flow of information from feeling as though it is bombarding you but it takes some real work. The grief you experienced over the loss of your brother opened you up intuitively; this is not at all uncommon. There are practices that can help you heal and become better at controlling when and how information presents itself so you will no longer feel so flooded. The most effective is through physical exercise. This will help you feel connected to the earth and gain a strong presence of being. As a result, your personal borders (aka boundaries) are strengthened. Another practice is to simply, firmly, and politely say, no when information begins to roll in. It works. Turn your attention to a picture in your mind that brings you peace and re-ground yourself.

I work with someone who has nothing nice to say to or about anyone. He sits near me and I have a terrible time feeling productive because his complaining tires me out. Is there something I can do to block his bad mood?

Our thoughts offer a platform from which to view our world. When we are in a dark mood, darkness finds us. It sounds like your co-worker is caught in it, and there is much you can do to block it. First, exercise compassion for him; he clearly is in pain. Next, turn up your personal level of positive energy. There is always something upbeat to think and say. Look around your space and acknowledge seven things that you are grateful for. Silently say something appreciative about them. When you do so, the mood-altering effects are astounding. Everything flows with extra ease when positive energy is infused in it. Maintaining affirmative thoughts can shift dark energy to light.