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Dream a Little Dream

playground for the unconscious

Have you been experiencing vivid offbeat dreams of late? 

Many of our dreams are actually pandemic-related and mostly brought on by preemptive stress. There are even hashtags associated with pandemic dreaming!

There is an emotional and spiritual detoxifying element to what we are all going through, and our dreams are illustrating it in full living color!

Dreams expose our unconscious fears and true thoughts about current times. They also help us work through past upheaval. So if you have been dreaming about your past you are not alone.

Like any good detox, things need to come up before they move out. Some people are having nightmares about dying by suffocation, and others dream of storms. Still others are dreaming about monsters in the night. Our global health and economic crisis could be compared to all of these nightmarish themes. 

People are also tweeting and talking about their dreams of  loved ones in spirit visiting them. The most common times family and friends in spirit visit us is during family celebrations, times of transition and when we are going through difficult times.

          There’s likely a lot of transition in your life right now and also the uncertainty.


We are collectively experiencing emotional detoxification through collective dreaming! 

We are encountering something rare that specialists refer to as collective dreaming due to this global crisis. Collective dreaming occurs when a large proportion of people experience something at the same time.

For example, following 911, collective trauma caused large numbers of people to have nightmares that often were around the subject of plane crashes.

I am here I am whole I am now

During my Facebook Live events people were asking why they couldn’t sleep at all. In my experience stress can manifest in disturbed sleep, headaches, tummy aches and fatigue. 

Sleep has actually escaped me on and off for months now and I know I am not alone. Stress-related fatigue stinks! 

I am not getting enough REM and I’m not referring to the musical group that became famous in the 1980’s, R.E.M.!

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Research indicates that REM sleep aids in management of our mood, functionality and cognitive functioning. The COVID-19 Pandemic has dearly impacted our REM because it has modified our sleep.

The REM dream state gives us a chance to test drive situations that cause us fear and also work through our fears! 

So what can we do?

Here-are-few-things-we USE THIS JODI

Creating and maintaining a schedule can be incredibly helpful!

So-about-those-scary (2) FOR SURE

For additional emotional alignment try this!

-Increase scheduled exercise!

-Increase intake of pure water!

-Decrease consumption of caffeine! 

-Set a sleep schedule! Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day!

-Ditch the electronics for an amiable book at least an hour before bedtime.

-Deliberately read, say or think about something completely comforting for at least ten-minutes prior to falling asleep.

-In the morning talk about your dreams with a trusted someone.

-Know that there is no real need to interpret your dreams for them to be useful.

Dreams connect your conscious with your unconscious by their very existence. As a result, they offer you more light. 

Let life love you REPEAT quote

I was on Twin Cities Live May 8th talking about Pandemic Dreams!

May 2020 Dream segmant TCL

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Grace lives in courage

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Strengthen your Intuitive Skills by putting them to Work for You!


Feel inspired to take a chance and wonder if you should? Hesitant about the big decision you just made and could use some divine support? Keep seeing double numbers on the clock and have a feeling it symbolizes something?

Numbers, symbols, and signs can inspire and support you!

Start noticing coincidences, serendipitous events, and calming dreams.

Pay attention to how you feel and signs from the Universe and your guides will begin to become clearer and clearer.

Numbers, symbols, and signs are in our lives for a reason—they are one example of how our guides and loved ones communicate with us through the language of intuition. They help illuminate the messages our higher soul-selves crave.


For example…You and your spouse have been heavy into conversation about having children and you are not sure the timing is right..But for the past ten days, every time you walk into say a coffee store, barbershop, drugstore or computer store, the first people you notice are those with young children. You begin to grin, your heart beats a little faster and you feel like butterflies are dancing in your stomach.

Yes, this is a sign.


Art by Jacque Rosenau!

Notice how you initially feel when the sign appears. The meaning will likely bring you to a place of power, not depression. The voice of our intuition is soothing and discerning, never critical or blaming.

Decide that every sign represents something affirmative and be open and positive.


My new book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is filled with intuition popping techniques that will help you learn to trust your gut and to start to recognize the meaning behind the numbers and symbols and signs that materialize in your life every day.

live-what-you-love-and-2the-events-in-your-lifeblog 42 Love-and-intuition-are

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Affirmations generate Transformation

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I’m Back!


How have you been? If feels like forever since I’ve written in this blog and I feel like a different person. I’m so truly grateful to those who reached out in thought, post or deed to extend words of condolence, understanding or humor to help lighten the load of grief left after my family suddenly lost our sweet dog Baci.

I remember when I was writing The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition how sweet if felt to express how normal it is to feel our loved ones presence even after they had ‘died’ and then on page 252 my own father died.

And still I wrote, and I grieved, and I wrote. I may be a psychic by nature but I am a writer by heart.

Much has happened since then as I am sure it has for you. Children are born, parents die, we give birth to new careers and parts of ourselves and we keep moving on.

And so it is that I am releasing my second book.



My first book validated the existence of life after life and the beauty of the intuitive process.My next book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the language of Intuition is due out in December of 2016 and puts that message into practice to offer vibrant, appealing, insight-boosting practices that will help you become and live more of your intuitive-happy self.

It’s designed for people who want to more fully understand the language of their own intuition, and is packed with spirited, entertaining, intuition-popping practices that can be applied in a parking lot, a mall, or a boardroom!

Makes a fabulous holiday gift! More info to follow!


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Affirmations generate Transformation

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My Inappropriate Blog Post

Finger TreeSometimes..and more often than I would like to admit, I feel like radiating this message!

That’s when words like bliss, joy, and manifestation cause me nothing but emotional frustration. When I’m in this space, I hate what I hate and love what I love and I am in lock- down. Reading something flowery isn’t going to help me..and I don’t even want it to..but I need relief.

So now what?

I find something, anything that makes me smile, makes me feel good even if for just an instant. Like the color of someone’s jacket or the bird that just flew over my head..and pooped..but not on me. 

Remember…We dial into a higher frequency through the vibration of appreciation.

I’ve said this before and I shall say it again..being spiritual is being real.

I-shine-my-light-on every from 3-30-16

So find something that you like and spend time there, liking it.


Run barefoot

Connect with your knowing soul self

I-am-filled-with-a-quiet peace and am now in my now


So U want 2 B more intuitive C.png

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Affirmations generate Transformation

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How Psychic Are You?

Ever wonder how psychic you actually are?

Do you often have a nagging feeling about something only to discover later that you were correct?

 Do you find yourself thinking about someone you have not spoken to for years and find out later that he or she recently called or wrote you?

 What is the simplest way to know if you are intuitive? Ask yourself this I breathing? If your answer is yes, you are psychic or as I often say, intuitive. Everyone is.


Now ask yourself these questions!

How Psychic Are You?

Choose the best answer!

*You know you are psychic because…

A. You love crystal jewelry and look darn-good in it.

B. You are excellent at card games such as Old Maid and Go Fish so you think you will be a natural at reading Tarot Cards.

C. Everyone is psychic…everyone.


*A sign from the Universe that you are insightful and are correct is..

A. Goosebumps (also known as angel kisses).

B. Burping, lots of burping.

C. Bubbles everywhere, magical bubbles.


 *You know you are sensing spirit energy from the other side because….

A. The psychic Network calls you for answers.

B. You keep hearing a knock, knock, knock on heavens door.

C. Your Great Aunt Esther keeps coming to mind and the scent of her famous orange-chicken has been everywhere all day. You later realize that it is the anniversary of her death.

(answers are C, A, C)


If you wish to grow your intuition, there are a few solid things you can do.

Practice feeling grateful. Notice everything good that is happening in and around your life. Keep noticing.

Pay attention to how you feel. This means how you feel psychically as well as emotionally. If/when you feel off or down, do something sweet for yourself that will help lift you up.

 Make sure to exhale as well as inhale.

Count your blessings before you go to sleep at night. Count them at breakfast and at lunch as well.

Read your favorite affirmations before you go to sleep.


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Gone Dancing

You’ve heard of the term gone fishing?

Well I’ve gone dancing.

Here’s why

See you next week.

This amusing segment aired on TV 2-10-16! Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities

TCL segment photo

Doing the samba

Jodi and Trent SAMBA practive January 2016

promo smaller image

Do psychics Samba? I’m kicking up my heels to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of MN by dancing this year at the seventh annual Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities on February 20th, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please Join me in raising money to find a cure for all blood cancers Learn more/Donate Now!

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“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” TS Elliot

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Robin S. Sharma

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein


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