Month: September 2016

I’m Back!


How have you been? If feels like forever since I’ve written in this blog and I feel like a different person. I’m so truly grateful to those who reached out in thought, post or deed to extend words of condolence, understanding or humor to help lighten the load of grief left after my family suddenly lost our sweet dog Baci.

I remember when I was writing The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition how sweet if felt to express how normal it is to feel our loved ones presence even after they had ‘died’ and then on page 252 my own father died.

And still I wrote, and I grieved, and I wrote. I may be a psychic by nature but I am a writer by heart.

Much has happened since then as I am sure it has for you. Children are born, parents die, we give birth to new careers and parts of ourselves and we keep moving on.

And so it is that I am releasing my second book.



My first book validated the existence of life after life and the beauty of the intuitive process.My next book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the language of Intuition is due out in December of 2016 and puts that message into practice to offer vibrant, appealing, insight-boosting practices that will help you become and live more of your intuitive-happy self.

It’s designed for people who want to more fully understand the language of their own intuition, and is packed with spirited, entertaining, intuition-popping practices that can be applied in a parking lot, a mall, or a boardroom!

Makes a fabulous holiday gift! More info to follow!


In the mean time about once per month I post free intuition-boosting exercises! Click Here to sign up!

I will be on Twin Cities Live Friday, September 30th, 2016!

Here’s a few links to my segments last month at the MN State Fair ! In studio reading an inspirational, busy, young-mom of two children and reading the adorable dog of KDWB’s Falen!


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