Month: November 2012

Holiday Happiness and Diminishing Stress!

The holidays are a special time of year. For anyone over twenty, the memories of holidays past can be big a part of what goes into the festivities and make them even more meaningful.

Everyone from family to co-workers to friends is high on expectations during the Holiday season! Maintain an open mind and mind your will have a far more fun!

When we have good boundaries we know where our space begins and ends!

We are aware of how we feel so if suddenly we are sad or tired and drained after talking with someone, we know we have to clear our filter and boost our boundaries.

When we establish and maintain decent filters in our life, the benefits are infinite. We may find that people take us more seriously. Goals may be achieved at a faster pace than before due to your new ability to focus. Other people will not feel as inclined to dump their feelings on us! We will feel more peaceful, less reactive, and better able to take care of ourselves.

The Key is knowing how we feel! Other people’s emotional stuff, is theirs. We can love them and respect them without taking their stuff on!

This month, I did themed rapid readings on TWIN CITIES LIVE. The theme guessed it…about Holiday Stress!

Holiday Stress

Whether you love the holidays or dread them, there is one thing that always surrounds it.  Plain and simple, the holidays can be stressful.  TCL resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon is here to help some of our audience members stay calm over the next few months.