Month: June 2017

Mirror Mirror

Once upon a time….you were born.

But before you were born, you and a really cool dude put together a plan for your life. Or rather, a few highlights of your upcoming life..AKA incarnation.

You planned some of the main features of your forthcoming incarnation such as your gender, who your parents and siblings would be, your place of birth and some other pertinent stuff. But so much was left for you to determine later in your life.

Every choice you made was one that would help grow your soul. As in make you more whole, some would say holy and help you love bigger, forgive more, and find your happy..and live there.

The dude or dudette, by the way, was and is really your guide and hangs out with you even now.

Each of us has one senior guide who has been with us throughout many lifetimes. Guides are multifaceted. They stand beside us in all that we do, giving us the space to learn and earn a higher place of consciousness. A guide’s core job is to alight our paths.

Now..back to the story.

It is the story of your soul. Everything that happens around you, to you, within you is meant to help you grow your soul. Nothing is a punishment. You are a beloved child of the Universe.

Light of Lights here to shine


We are here to love and be loved. As I wrote in the first of my Happy Medium series..The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition,The goal of the soul is to work toward enlightenment.”

Mirror refection

The amount of love you feel toward someone or something is a reflection of the larger part of you. The larger part of you is your soul-self. When you hate someone it is a reflection of the smaller part of you, which is the part you wish to heal.

And every single response you have, meaning reaction, or feeling is a reflection of something that is going on within you. As Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” He also said, “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”

My loves and my hates

What does this mean for us all? The seed of everything that irritates us lives within and we are more than capable of dissolving and therefore eliminating it.

Here’s how.

Sit back and observe what bugs you.

Does it bother you when people are late? This means you feel you are respectable and “right” when you are on time and is why you dislike being late.

Now let’s take it a step deeper.

When those around you make mistakes, big or small, do you find yourself silently criticizing them? This is due to the fact that you believe your value is in performing perfectly. I assure you, it is not. You are of value no matter what you do or say. You are loved beyond measure.

Do you feel agitated when people don’t respect you? Their seeming disrespect is mirroring your own lack of self-respect. What exactly do you feel you are not being respected for? That specific thing needs your love and attention..and reverence. Once you begin this process, you will feel more whole and less disturbed by the reaction of others.


Our reaction to absolutely everything is a mirror refection of something within ourselves. So the next time you feel hurt, annoyed, enraged or exasperated look a little deeper within. Once you see the mirror, a spark of insight and light will appear.

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