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Seeking Comfort in Long Ago Places

I’m seeking comfort in long ago places.

There is a sense of newness and mourning colliding inside my head and heart. I’m waiting patiently for my intuition to take the lead. 

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 4.12.12 PM copy 2

Anyone else feel like they are getting to know themselves in a whole new way thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

My sense of humor has changed along with my sense of self.

I keep coming back to wanting to hug all my loves. My children and husband, the baby I lost, my parents and grandparents. I’m seeking comfort in long ago places. I wonder how old friends and old loves are faring. I’m hoping I’ve done well in helping everyone I love and have loved know the depth of my appreciation for the place they have in my heart.

IMG_2750This isn’t because I think it is my end yet I know it is an end. It’s the halting at least for now of things like concerts, baseball and dance competitions. It is also a hiatus for my large-group events and hugging my clients and feeling the energy in the room move up and expand then explode in light.

It’s the finale of jobs, relationships and life as we have always known it.


It’s an end to the old me and the old you. We cannot help but respond to the tentative place we have on the planet made more obvious by this insidious virus.

Nor can we deny the beauty and strength of the human race.

If we look past the ruling forces that govern each country and dial into the people that live there we will have achieved so much.

No matter how near or far, we are neighbors and cousins.

So what do we do with this sense of closeness in the midst of social distancing?

your soul is wise

When I feel lost in a sea of anxiety and doubt I remember the most difficult times in my life and how I found my way through and out of them. I’ve long thought of myself as a survivor.  When all outward signs pointed toward me achieving nothing I achieved everything.

It is strange that time has taught me that we are meant to survive until we are not.

We will make it through this time in our lives and we will help others along the way. 

This Universe as OneThis time of sheltering at home has offered many gifts. Have you accepted them?

As we experience tremendous loss how do we find something, anything good?

We may not. At least not right away.

At some point though we will remember the co-worker or aunt who reached out to help or the coincidence that appeared out of nowhere and transformed our life.

We are not alone. We are connected one to the other through our light and through our love.

April 2018

So fall or jump into feeling your love. Love of your fur-family-member, your spouse or partner, family, friends, job, and land. All love is love of light and all light is a spark of the One Universal Light.

You’ve got this! We’ve got this!

In all things…Trust your gut, follow your heart and use your head.

May you find some sweetness in your day and may you know how un-alone you are.

Best shot November 22 2019 TCL

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Dream a Little Dream

playground for the unconscious

Have you been experiencing vivid offbeat dreams of late? 

Many of our dreams are actually pandemic-related and mostly brought on by preemptive stress. There are even hashtags associated with pandemic dreaming!

There is an emotional and spiritual detoxifying element to what we are all going through, and our dreams are illustrating it in full living color!

Dreams expose our unconscious fears and true thoughts about current times. They also help us work through past upheaval. So if you have been dreaming about your past you are not alone.

Like any good detox, things need to come up before they move out. Some people are having nightmares about dying by suffocation, and others dream of storms. Still others are dreaming about monsters in the night. Our global health and economic crisis could be compared to all of these nightmarish themes. 

People are also tweeting and talking about their dreams of  loved ones in spirit visiting them. The most common times family and friends in spirit visit us is during family celebrations, times of transition and when we are going through difficult times.

          There’s likely a lot of transition in your life right now and also the uncertainty.


We are collectively experiencing emotional detoxification through collective dreaming! 

We are encountering something rare that specialists refer to as collective dreaming due to this global crisis. Collective dreaming occurs when a large proportion of people experience something at the same time.

For example, following 911, collective trauma caused large numbers of people to have nightmares that often were around the subject of plane crashes.

I am here I am whole I am now

During my Facebook Live events people were asking why they couldn’t sleep at all. In my experience stress can manifest in disturbed sleep, headaches, tummy aches and fatigue. 

Sleep has actually escaped me on and off for months now and I know I am not alone. Stress-related fatigue stinks! 

I am not getting enough REM and I’m not referring to the musical group that became famous in the 1980’s, R.E.M.!

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Research indicates that REM sleep aids in management of our mood, functionality and cognitive functioning. The COVID-19 Pandemic has dearly impacted our REM because it has modified our sleep.

The REM dream state gives us a chance to test drive situations that cause us fear and also work through our fears! 

So what can we do?

Here-are-few-things-we USE THIS JODI

Creating and maintaining a schedule can be incredibly helpful!

So-about-those-scary (2) FOR SURE

For additional emotional alignment try this!

-Increase scheduled exercise!

-Increase intake of pure water!

-Decrease consumption of caffeine! 

-Set a sleep schedule! Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day!

-Ditch the electronics for an amiable book at least an hour before bedtime.

-Deliberately read, say or think about something completely comforting for at least ten-minutes prior to falling asleep.

-In the morning talk about your dreams with a trusted someone.

-Know that there is no real need to interpret your dreams for them to be useful.

Dreams connect your conscious with your unconscious by their very existence. As a result, they offer you more light. 

Let life love you REPEAT quote

I was on Twin Cities Live May 8th talking about Pandemic Dreams!

May 2020 Dream segmant TCL

Thank you for reading my blog!

Grace lives in courage

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How are you doing? Remember, Grace lives in Courage!


How are you doing?

Hoping you are well and able to get enough fresh air, fresh fruit and the essentials you need. My family and I are doing fine…this is hard for everyone in various ways as I’m sure it is for you. Thankfully we have enough and are staying home.

I’m finishing my third book and finding ways in these unusual times to reach out and hug people with my words.

Hugging people with my words is something I’ve done for years now. I’ve written books filled with intuitive knowledge that do just that but this is different.

If you are alone, or feel alone, please know that collectively, you are not. We are a community and are in this together. If someone you know is ill, or if you have lost someone, I am so sorry.

Know that you are here for a reason. You give someone hope and/or make someone smile even if you don’t think you do.

If you are afraid, lonely, frustrated, bored or feel closed in, it is totally understandable. 

When I feel bad, and believe me I can go pretty low, I remember my light. Just thinking about it lifts my spirit. And then I say aloud (it’s hilarious; it looks like I’m talking to myself!) I am love and light in action. I feel the light, I see the light, I am the light.

And you know what…my spirit is lifted and I keep moving!

Every single day I do things like call or text someone I know lives alone or I send someone a little gift like a card, apples or toilet paper!

Every day I look for pictures of amazing times! Below you will see a post from 2016! I’ve altered it slightly to fit these times and hope it lifts your spirit!

Arizona 2016 Sophia & Mom!

In 2016 my daughter Sophia and I headed for Arizona for our first ever GIRLS TRIP! The boys had taken a few BOY TRIPS without us so we could fly to sunny Arizona without much guilt! This is the link to the original post I posted back then. 

Here is my COVID-19 PANDEMIC PAJAMA PARTY UPDATED-RENDITION! It is a blend of the old and the new…As am I! 

My daughter Sophia and I just returned from our very first Girls Trip together…just the two of us! We had a blast and laughed our way through all four days of our vacation in the Arizona sun. I know I will remember this as one of my favorite Sophia-adventures. It’s late so instead of posting what I typically do on Wednesdays, I thought I would do something different. I’m posting a few things about favorites!

Up high in a closet or under your bed may live a box of old greeting cards, photos of past loves, secret notes, and other goodies that were just too precious to discard. A favorites file is a bit like this only it is more current and this one is electronic!

Affirmations help raise our vibration and so can this little exercise. Open a file on your computer and call it something like “Favorites for Lifting my Mood.” I’ve compiled a small list of questions for this feel good file.

The only prerequisite is that what you include must lift your spirits! Feel free to answer any or all of these questions. Include a photo or two…or a quote or both!

A favored moment in time

The way I feel when I see the first sign of spring

Some of my favorite people-include a photo or two

Something I am proud I did

Something wonderful someone did for me or someone I love

My favorite vacation -include a photo or two

One of my all-time-favorite things to do

Favorite affirmation, quote, Torah or Bible verses

Favorite life-enhancing experiences

Favorite moment or moments that I shared a part of me not typically shared

Moments that made me laugh…

Moments filled with love…

Open this file, add to it and/or just sink into the feelings anytime! 

Take advantage of this time! Shower in the evening instead of the morning…wear your pajamas all day, and eat breakfast for dinner! 

Charitable giving can be done in so many ways….through a kind word, sharing of funds, or time spent doing for those who cannot do for themselves. At this venture, during the COVID-19 Pandemic we may be limited but we can still show people that social distancing does not have to equate to emotional distancing.

I was on Twin Cities Live with Elizabeth Ries and Steve Patterson April 6th sharing innovative ways we can stay connected and hug people with our words! Here is the link to the segment!

IMG_1964 (1)

-May 8th Twin Cities Live! (This is TV so times may change!)
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Hello There Mercury Retrograde, I See You Are Back!

This is the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020!

Be inspired

This Mercury retrograde is in creative compassionate Pisces and goes from February 17th-March 10th. 

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 10.55.29 PMRetrogrades happen a few times per year, when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to stop and move backward but it’s an optical illusion..there is movement forward.

We can look forward to two more Mercury Retrogrades this year. June 18th – July 12th and October 14th – November 3rd.

This rocky little planet is one of communication as in speaking, reading, listening, and negotiating. It’s also the planet of code, meaning computer code. So when this planet retrogrades, these areas (and more) often get chaotic and/or spin out of control. It’s wise to double and triple check documents before signing or if possible wait until the effects of the retrograde subside.

The message from mercury retrograde is slow down and deal with what is deep down. The stuff we stuff tends to come up when Mercury Retrogrades. This Pisces flavored Retrograde may reveal emotional patterns that could use a hug. 

Mercury and your gifts

And it just may help us clear the way so we can see why we came here in the first place! We all have something uniquely special to share. Sometimes we are afraid to reveal it because we are fearful of what other people will think.

Mercury Retrogrades help us clear our ‘stuff’ which helps us find our groove!

I’m using what could likely feel like Planetary PMS to help me move through my fear! It’s all about leaning into my soul and feeling my feelings.

And I’m spending tons of time with one of my best friends, my intuition!

Insights are so much louder when we allow our feelings to breathe! 

insights yesA few of my favorite things to do when Mercury is in Retrograde is…Clean my fridge, recycle magazines, and clean out drawers and under my bed. And…go for walks with my dog, take long baths and take a break from old-worn-out-thinking! 

Be sure to let your soul-light shine and know that the Universe has your back! 


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Happiness and Leaning into the Wisdom of the Soul


Happy 2020

So about those New Years resolutions..Screw the diet plan…embrace a Happy plan! Agree that it feels good to feel good and steadily add a few things to your day to help you get there.

Do you like to take the side roads instead of the highway? Allow extra time and take the side roads!

Been wanting to call you favorite college roommate but time has not permitted? Eat your lunch in your car and text or give them a call!

Choose comfort when purchasing clothing, extend genuine compliments any time you can, tell your resting ‘bitch’ face a joke and look for the light in everyone.


Let your heart sing




Silly over Serious


Allow the words you speak and the thoughts you think to lift your mood. With every sweet notion you will be elevated and as your vibration raises your light will brighten and your luck will be enhanced.

Keep leaning into the wisdom of your soul. What we see, what we say and what we think is what we get. So agree that it feels good to feel good and do think and say what you must to get there!

know that you are

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How to Re-Juice Even When Life Events Put The Squeeze On You


Stacy I will miss you forever

I could use a motion sickness pill as a result of all the wild ups and downs of the past seven days!

Have the past days felt big to you as well?

I was looking forward to the week of December 2nd, especially to being on Twin Cities Live and shining my intuitive light on TV!

The week started with my youngest coming down with a flu bug that really brought her down. 

My Intuitive Coach clients on Monday and Tuesday were especially amazing and that lifted me up. 

And then in a blur…There was the relief and delight of a planned surgery going well…and then a health scare for me, and next two very dear friends became dangerously ill … One of them didn’t make it.

My friend Stacy had a body that was frail but man she was made of steel.

My family loved her dearly and always considered her to be part of ours. She was a beautiful, fun loving, exuberant woman with a heart of pure honey.

Friendships don’t end with death because love never dies. I could talk about, and blog about her amazing spirit for days but that is not what this post is about. 

stacy fill your life

It is about remembering how to re-juice even when life events put the squeeze on us.

It’s about knowing that we are enough. And tuning in and feeling our light so we can step up to the proverbial plate, and do what it is we came here to do.

In this space we see that our passion for whatever it is we are doing is proof that at the plate we stand. 

Stacy post 2

My biggest passion resides in being a mom.

I love being part of my children’s lives and for our family, that has always included -no matter the weather- sitting in the stands watching them throw, catch, kick or hit a ball. Or as was the case this past Saturday, watching our daughter glide gracefully across the floor in dance.

Having just learned of our friend’s death, we left the meet immediately after her team performed so I could curl up on my living room sofa and cry.  

I needed the comfort of my home. 

The medium in me waited patiently and quietly as I mourned.

car wash quote

My son Aaron was home recovering from shoulder surgery and when he heard me say, “I hope she wasn’t scared.” He said “Mom, anyone who knows you and has heard you talk about the other side wouldn’t be scared .”

Something in his words struck a chord and the medium in me stepped back in. 

Stacy my friend I will miss you forever. I recall now that I have only to remember how you touched my heart to find you.

Stacy post

What TO DO When You Feel Blue

-Know that it is all right to feel the way you feel

-Know that it is also all right to improve the way you feel by changing your thoughts

-Find a memory or a photo that brings you joy

-Close your eyes and say your full name to yourself

-Drop your shoulders so they no longer feel like earrings

-Inhale for a count of seven…exhale for a count of seven, seven times 

-Feel the memory 

-Inhale the joy

-Exhale exhale exhale 

-Inhale, exhale and release

-Breathe some light into your heart

-Allow the love in the moment to come alive within you 

-Know that the way you feel about the memory will be with you always

-The love in a moment lives forever

-Inhale, Exhale, and Release. Know that you are enough!


Live what you love and what you love will fill your life!

Dawn Stacy and me

Fun round of Rapid Readings on Twin Cities Live!

Best shot Dec 2019 TCL

We did a spectacular segment on Twin Cities Live about living with more intention this Holiday Season!


Me doing my own tease


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