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Hello There Mercury Retrograde, I See You Are Back!

This is the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020!

Be inspired

This Mercury retrograde is in creative compassionate Pisces and goes from February 17th-March 10th. 

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 10.55.29 PMRetrogrades happen a few times per year, when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to stop and move backward but it’s an optical illusion..there is movement forward.

We can look forward to two more Mercury Retrogrades this year. June 18th – July 12th and October 14th – November 3rd.

This rocky little planet is one of communication as in speaking, reading, listening, and negotiating. It’s also the planet of code, meaning computer code. So when this planet retrogrades, these areas (and more) often get chaotic and/or spin out of control. It’s wise to double and triple check documents before signing or if possible wait until the effects of the retrograde subside.

The message from mercury retrograde is slow down and deal with what is deep down. The stuff we stuff tends to come up when Mercury Retrogrades. This Pisces flavored Retrograde may reveal emotional patterns that could use a hug. 

Mercury and your gifts

And it just may help us clear the way so we can see why we came here in the first place! We all have something uniquely special to share. Sometimes we are afraid to reveal it because we are fearful of what other people will think.

Mercury Retrogrades help us clear our ‘stuff’ which helps us find our groove!

I’m using what could likely feel like Planetary PMS to help me move through my fear! It’s all about leaning into my soul and feeling my feelings.

And I’m spending tons of time with one of my best friends, my intuition!

Insights are so much louder when we allow our feelings to breathe! 

insights yesA few of my favorite things to do when Mercury is in Retrograde is…Clean my fridge, recycle magazines, and clean out drawers and under my bed. And…go for walks with my dog, take long baths and take a break from old-worn-out-thinking! 

Be sure to let your soul-light shine and know that the Universe has your back! 


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The Cosmos are adding Illumination to the 2020 Celebration!


A new year and a new decade is upon us and oh how the cosmos are adding illumination to the celebration! 

It is time to say goodbye to what was and hello to what is! 

I’ve long been intrigued by the effects of everything moon, planet and star related. As a medium I’m highly aware of the energy created by astrological shifts.

Though I’m not an astrologer, I am astute at reading energy and oh boy is there a lot of great current reading material compliments of the cosmos!

Think Eclipses. Think December 25th until January 10th.

Eclipses offer a progressive shift in perspective, but they also help us get back on track with our life plan. 

This is more than a New Years resolution, this is about making good for your soul! 

This means we will have some energetic assistance with meeting our goals and from more than one source. 

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun and the Lord of Karma. Saturn also casts light on our shadows. 

saturn - Google Search

Saturn it is said, is the inventor of social order. This planet brings meaning into our lives and helps us meet our life goals.

Saturn is made up of 94% hydrogen, 6% helium and small amounts of methane and ammonia. Most stars are made of hydrogen and helium. 

Saturn is the star of Astrology in 2020!

Saturn recently moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn and apparently Capricorn is a pretty big deal right now but for me, Saturn stands out. 


Saturn is a task-master so this get-it-done vibe can help us stand up and face what is. We can choose to be intimidated by Saturn’s weighty energy or we can inhale the power and make it our own. 

stars - Google Search

The stuff we stuff tends to get the best of us so it’s wise to un-stuff by facing our fears. 

We all have dreams. We tend to get in our own way in making them come true because we don’t want to face some big something. But once we do, watch out! 

If something makes your heart sing, it is singing for a reason. Allow your intuition to guide you and believe in yourself and your dreams.

You yourself added them to your life plan for a reason. Be reasonable and go for it!  

Be sure to tell yourself a story about how amazing you are. And then be that freely and purely. 

Allow the ones you love and the cosmos to help you bring forward what you love and most desire. 

Stay focused and unashamed. The good stuff can take time to grow. Be your full self, don’t judge and keep moving forward. Your soul will lead you, just stay in your own light and you are on your way!


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I got into a fight with…………. Mercury Retrograde!

Despite my best efforts, I got into a fight with Mercury Retrograde!

It was early last week…

I had been minding my own business, coaching some fabulous clients, (they are all pretty fabulous BTW) meditating, surveying my own boundaries when out of the blue, I felt like crying. As a medium and highly empathic person, I recognize when I’m sensing and/or taking on someone’s feelings. I tightened my boundaries and again felt a waive of such sadness I wanted to cry. This was mine and it was weird. 

I felt saturated by heartache and feelings of overwhelm. They seemed to come out of thin air. Days before things in my life were flowing along with ease. 

But then I recalled…

Mercury went Retrograde October 31st and will stay there until November 20th.

Mad…I was really mad at Mercury for this awful retrograde. I had done so much to ground myself in preparation! The little shit planet, I thought to myself, really packs a punch when in retrograde! Something inside of me wanted to punch back. 

So I sat with my tears and listened to what they had to say. No judging, just listening and sort of swaying back and forth. And just like that my knowing-soul-self started to send symbols my way. You know, that calm, comforting, higher-knowing-soul-self we all have…I sparked it with some self-care

Soul Care

The symbols and pictures were all of me loving up my family including those who were in spirit, walking my dog, checking on relatives and friends who were in need of a boost and of course, of me at work. Not one was of me taking care of me. 

I found some lavender and salt, tossed them into the tub and took a warm bath in the middle of the day. Afterward I silently sat in front of a fire and listened to myself breathe.

Following what seemed like a few minutes but was really over an hour I did tons of Sun Salutations (yoga) drank a giant glass of cool, clean water and contentedly glanced around the room. 

Root and Flight YES

I  looked at the view from my back windows, and the pillows on my living room sofa and began feeling such deep appreciation for everything in my life… I wanted to cry…but this time in a good way.

Next I got rid of some shoes that no longer worked for me, emptied my fridge of anything that looked like a science project, cleared out some old files on my computer, left messages for a few sweet friends I had not connected with lately and made a healthy dinner for me and mine. 


Who are you Mercury?

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is all about Language—both  verbal AND written. Transporting of messages and just simply transporting is this planets sphere. Let us not forget electronic communication such as cell phones, computers etc.. they are shall we say, touched by Mercury Retrograde. 

It’s about COMMUNICATION! And while Mercury is in Retrograde, all things communication can tend to go WONKY!

Also, at this time the veil between worlds thins. A space between the material/physical and the mysterious opens up. My yearning for connection with loved ones in spirit was prompted by this thinning. 

Part of what had set me off was me missing my dad, aunt and grandparents. I know I find their love within me when I am loving; so this retrograde gave me a tremendous gift because it reminded me of that.

Can you relate to my experience? 

Insights at times like these come in louder and stronger and moods run hotter so the best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is DO WHATEVER CALMS and SOOTHES.

do whatever calms and soothes

Mercury Retrogrades, I shall say again, can make us feel a little wonky. It’s okay though, because it’s a great time to un-stuff our stuff and sublimely grow our intuition.

Here are some potent ways to advance your intuition!

Un-stuff your stuff!


Allow your Intuition to grow!

You-had-something planned(1)

Three important things to remember…


May the voice of your intuition sing!


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Brilliant Act of Soul

Happy Beautiful July! You may have noticed that I put a happy spin on most everything. I find it’s easier to move through stuff that way and of course it makes it more fun!

Or at least bearable.

When I was in my twenties and thirties, there was a lot of energy put into accumulating things. But now I’m lead to letting things go.

Have you found this to be true? The ability to peacefully release what is moving away from us is a brilliant act of soul.

emotional weight
be good to you

This Universe as One

Universal light

part of our soul

live what you love

Remember…you can always do this!

It's over YES

I’ve found it necessary in the past few days to rock my grounding abilities!



act of soul

Act as if everyone loves you!



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Taking Planetary PMS Personally?


Moody. Are you moody on a regular basis? Do you wonder why? Moodiness is indicative of something being off or skewed. Could be a chemical, emotional or spiritual imbalance. It may even be due to planetary PMS!

We are all given to moments or days, even weeks of feeling off kilter. Finding out why is significant to moving through and on so we can find our happy again! I have found that the movement of the planets can exacerbate the situation. 

That is why I’ve started to get to know the planets and their energy. I’m not an astrologer, I’m an energy reader and oh boy, is there a lot of planetary reading material!

Are you intuitive and given to bouts of moodiness?

Usually we hear about Mercury going retrograde but it’s Mar’s turn now! 

When I’m grouchy I love telling my husband it’s not me, it’s a retrograde! But the truth is, in cases of retrogrades, it is me and how I’m responding to unresolved emotional stuff and planetary shifts!

Just like every one of us has our own exclusive energy, every planet has its own as well. Retrogrades simply turn that energy inward and sometimes make it sluggish. 

Mars goes retrograde about every two years and it did so on the 26th of June and will remain there until August 27th, 2018.  Astrologists say that happenings signified by a planet are best eluded when the planet is retrograde. What this means is because Mars is the planet associated with the warrior archetype, aggression, desire and sexuality, energy, determination, competition and action those attributes are the ones to be mindful of right now.

Here’s an example… Apparently, due to this retrograde, we might find ourselves feeling less passionate because Mars is associated with sexual desire as in lust!

When a planet is retrograde, its energy moves inward. Perhaps it is no coincidence that several of my clients were feeling tired and depleted of late. If Mars is associated with energy than the opposite would of course be lack of it.

This is does not suggest that we obsess over planetary changes. This is to say that when we experience unusual mood swings that do not seem to be connected to current life events, it’s wise to spend some time in introspection. Going inward is one of the most effective ways I know to resolve unsettled issues. Planetary shifts help this process along. Retrogrades don’t make the mess, they just expose it.

always on my pathEveryone is affected by these planetary movements though some more than others. Many of my executive clients notice a shift in sales during certain moon phases and retrogrades! When we have have some knowledge of each planet’s symbolic meaning we won’t take planetary PMS personally and can plan ahead!

So if Mars is, as previously stated, the planet associated with aggression, desire and sexuality, energy, determination, competition and action then know that you may be currently feeling its apposing energy.

The lines you have so carefully drawn over the past years could seem blurry in the next weeks. You may feel passive and undecided instead of determined and sure and new projects may surprise you and fizzle out.

Trust in your spirit. Allow your intuition to lead you to a new comfort zone and know that when you ride the waves of a retrograde the experience can enhance your life and enrich your spirit.


your soul is wise


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Summer after all…

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. For those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don’t have the rest of the year. You can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. Summer just opens the door and lets you out.”
Deb Caletti, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

Enjoy the rest of your summer…autumn is amazing also!

Look for my next blog post in September.

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