Month: November 2014

A Ghost of a Chance!

Nice Cuzzy's peeps The Pole Barn sign

A Ghost of a Chance!

Now that Halloween is over most people start thinking about the spirit of the holidays and not spirits in general. For me however, awareness of the spirit world is ongoing. It is a joy to see the number of metaphysically related shows on the air. Curiosity and interest builds awareness and awareness elevates consciousness.

And as I always say..the more you know, the more you grow!

As a medium, I hear souls from the other side and want to help them feel recognized and heard. Souls on this side are not so different; everyone longs for a feeling of recognition and connection.

Before doing my work or simply moving through my day, I always surround myself with a bright white light and fill myself with light from within through prayer. That said..It’s a good idea to surround yourself with a bright white light and love.

When I participate in a ghost investigation I’m aware that I may be dealing with an earthbound spirit. Earthbound spirits are disembodied souls who have not moved on from the physical realm and remain attached to it after their physical body has died. Earthbound spirits are often referred to as ghosts.

If you have anxiety about a loved one who has died, and wonder if he or she is stuck, please put your apprehension to rest and know that most people do go into the light.

When you feel the presence of a deceased friend or relative know that he or she is characteristically communicating out of love. There is a huge difference in the sensation of the energy of an earthbound spirit versus one that has moved into the light. One is heavy and one is light.

Have you ever walked into an old building and felt heavy all of the sudden? Or perhaps you just felt off or odd. I have experienced this in hotels, restaurants, homes, and even workout facilities! Check out the links below to see a few of the spirit-related segments I have done on a fun and fabulous television show called with Twin Cities Live!

When I’m in a crowd, I often feel the light vibration of a stranger’s loved one who is on the other side, popping in to say hello.

I feel spirit energy all of the time..for example… when I go to a club such as famed First Avenue!

Or eat at an amazing restaurant!

Or of course, when I visit Anoka, MN, the Halloween capitol!

Or Cuzzy’s Bar in Minneapolis, famed for being ‘haunted’!

Or the Pole Barn in Stillwater!

There is more than a ghost of a chance that you too have sensed the energy of someone in spirit. Keep watching for it, keep reading about it, and most of all, keep yourself filled with light and love.


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