Month: December 2016

Cheerleaders with spirit, IN spirit!


It is December, a month that is for so many, loaded with emotion. We are making memories or we could be lost in them. And of course, there are those who have found a way to do both.

Be that person.

It’s a wonderful time to trust your gut, not your guilt. What this means is, it’s a good time to make decisions that feel good to you now and will feel good later.

Additionally, instead of saying not so nice things to yourself throughout the day, repeat this!

I believe in the power of self-acceptance. I am confident, strong, brave, and beautiful.

Replace the word “beautiful” with “handsome” as needed.

Everything that sparkles, sparkles for us all. It doesn’t matter if you are lost in a sea of siblings during the holidays or alone with your dog; you are a loved child of the Universe and you deserve to feel your shine.

And remember…

The people we love who have crossed over are standing on the sidelines cheering us on. They are watching us not from afar but up close!

They are not standing on the sidelines feeling sad because they crossed over. Difficult as this may be to conceptualize they’re not wishing to be with us because they ARE with us.

They’re cheering us on saying; you can do this I know you can! I’m here! And.. You’ve got this!



When I was in elementary school, the favored game of my classmates was trench. It’s comparable to dodgeball. If the ball hit you, you were out. You then moved to stand behind the line, knowing at some point you would go back in. But in the mean time, you cheered your teammates on!

Remember, your teammates or rather your family and friends who have transitioned to the other side, are cheering you on and wishing you great love. And that includes love of self!

My new book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is filled with intuition popping techniques that will help you learn to trust your gut, not your guilt and to start to recognize the meaning behind the numbers and symbols and signs that show up in your life.

Happy, Merry EVERYTHING to YOU!


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