Month: February 2014

Minnesota, Coit Tower and How Psychic R U Anyway?

Relaxing after the show

It’s late winter (hopefully!) and I’ve been thinking about how to add some light and humor to the day. Sometimes, especially in my neck of the woods, it’s important to know how to add some extra sunshine.

My friend Steve recently moved from Minneapolis back to his hometown of San Francisco. The minute he heard about the extreme temperatures in Minnesota, he sent me a photo of his beautiful nine-year-old son standing in the ocean wearing a bright red bathing suit and a large smile. My response was a bit more public, facebook public. I let him know that in my home town, we too have beautiful large bodies of water but we freeze them until we need them!

I live in the frozen tundra, also known as Minnesota. For a brief moment during my twenties, I lived in San Francisco, not far from Coit Tower. I loved California but was compelled to head home when a dear family member was about to be diagnosed with a terminal illness. While I was in San Francisco, I interviewed for, and was offered a few really fabulous jobs. Apparently, those of us from Minnesota are often highly pursued by employers because of our strong work ethic.

Clearly, Minnesota is more than frozen tundra. We are big into art, and offer extraordinary proof. Our musical and literary talent is unquestionably legendary. Minnesota inventions are abundant too and include Green Giant vegetables, masking and Scotch tape, Wheaties cereal, Bisquick, Aveda beauty products, and from what I understand, Tonka Trucks as well. Our physicians are also remarkable. The first bone marrow transplant and the first open heart surgery in the United States were done at the University of Minnesota! And..Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, so take that California!

We grow beautiful crops and amazing people. Some of our people are highly sensitive, even psychic. In fact, everyone is psychic, even if you are Steve and live in sunny and beautiful California!

Have some fun with your own intuition and see how many of these questions you can answer! I’ve borrowed a few of them from my first book, The Happy Medium, (Llewellyn, 2009) and have included a few more.

Take the quiz and find out how delightfully psychic you are!

1. You know you are psychic because:

a. Everyone is born with some intuitive abilities

b. You have studied this phenomenon for years and can properly spell phenomenon

c. You have always looked good in a turban and watched a lot of The Twilight Zone as a child

Answer is A.

2. Intuitive insights ensue:

a. After lunch if chocolate is consumed

b. Only during a full moon

c. Every day—we simply need to be aware of them

Answer is C.


3. Decent boundaries are:

a. The building blocks of intuitive work of any kind

b. Toy blocks for toddlers found at

c. Predominantly for women

Answer is A.


4. Life after death pertains to:

a. Life continuing after the body dies

b. A superior soap opera on channel 2 at 2:00

c. A radical new rock band

Answer is A.


5. None of us are ever alone because:

a. We are all interconnected through our souls

b. Our guides are eternally nearby

c. Those who have loved us and love us still sit by our side in memory and in spirit as we grieve, marry, give birth, love, and die ourselves. We’re not alone and never will be

Answer is all of the above.


6. If you have reached this stage of your development and this page, you are:

a. Ready for a beer

b. Able to spell the word metaphysics

c. Psychic and savvy

Answer is C.


7. What holds some of our most powerful karmic lessons?

a. Our hands

b. Karma baskets found at all discount stores

c. Initial wounds

Answer is C.


8. All mediums are:

a. From Long Island and have big beautiful hair and long nails

b. Mediators between the spirit world and the physical world and have a telepathic connection with souls in both worlds

c. Big eaters; it takes a lot of energy to talk to dead people

Answer is B.


9. Drive-by Insights occur:

a. Typically when a highly sensitive person (with fragile boundaries or no training) spontaneously blurts out highly personal yet insightful information about another person in close proximity.

b. During rush-hour when it’s raining and a Bruno Mars tune is on the radio

c. After midnight

Answer is A.

10. In order to use your intuition you need:

a. A personal trainer named ‘Woo Woo’ who wears a white crystal studded T-shirt and smokes incense

b. To be psychic enough to locate and download an application that will enable you to talk to the dead through your cell phone

c. To be cognizant of how you feel

Answer is C.

Scores are based on your sense of humor rather than your intuitive senses. If you laughed, even once during this little quiz, you passed!

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