Month: January 2013

When the Spirit Moves You, or at least Your Cell Phone!

Emily, Jodi, Elizabeth Jodi Mayers What does a cell phone that turns  itself on and off as it moves across a wooden table at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, a medium, chickens with cool names, a clothing store with soul & fashion, TWIN CITIES LIVE and Savvy.MN have in common?

We were all part of the FIRST FUEL U event on January 21st, 2013!

It’s mid-winter, mid-January and a mid-mood kind of day.

Twin Cities Live and Savvy.MN, sponsored a fabulous event that sold out long before the doors opened!

Those on the stage were MC Emily Engberg (Twin Cities Live), Jodi Mayers (Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique), Elizabeth Ries (Co-host of Twin Cities Live) and Jodi Livon (Author and Resident psychic on Twin Cities Live).

The night was about FASHION, FOOD and FAITH!

Elizabeth, Emily and I sat together and listened with great interest as Jodi Mayers spoke to the crowd. Jodi is the owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique in Edina. She has a unique and creative approach to helping individuals create great looks that build confidence. She is a dynamo in business and a marvelous speaker!

As I listened, a funny feeling began to grow in the pit of my stomach and I knew it had nothing to do with who was speaking. My cell phone turned itself off, then on again. I picked it up, turned it off and set it down. It immediately turned itself on. Then off. I tuned in and felt the presence of an older man in spirit with a very distinct personality. He looked young, seemed strict in nature, and may have struggled to be flexible while on this side.

I slipped Elizabeth a note, asking if her grandfather was on the other side. She shook her head yes so I slid my errant phone over to her and said it was for her.

I told her it was her Grandfather…he was very meticulous and had something to say. She looked at me, tilted her head and smiled. Later she confirmed much of what I had to say but at that moment, all I knew was that my phone was dancing and that my nerves gave me the hiccups.

For years now I have allowed my faith to rule, not my fear. And tonight I would have an opportunity to ignite the same in others. I wanted to do it well, really well and my phone was not exactly cooperating. 

Next it was time for Elizabeth to speak about her interesting adventures in urban homesteading and how she balances her love of television, radio and farming. She had the audience laughing, especially when she shared tales of her one thousand Red Wiggler worms and her chickens. She blogs about her adventures in urban farming at

I was the third and last speaker to go on, and my topic was faith. As I made my way to the back of the stage, I intuitively started to pick up on the energy of a few spirits. Theaters are famous for housing a lot of spirit energy and this one is no different.

Standing in the dimly lit space, I read and re-read my carefully prepared notes….

Like so many people, I have spent a good deal of time struggling to find my groove, to find what fit for me as a woman. I found early on that to succeed, I had to put ALL of my abilities to use, and this included my creative and intuitive abilities.

Eventually it became clear that my strong business sense was strongly related to my uncanny intuitive senses, so I decided to combine the two and began my work as an Intuitive coach.

I wanted to help other people Recognize their own Intuitive Voice. So I stepped out of the psychic closet and up to the plate.

I looked up from my notes and around me at the neatly placed props and felt someone tap on my shoulder. It was a darling man with light brown hair and a slight limp, who was by the way deceased. He had something to say so he moved close to me, really close. His breath smelled a bit of alcohol.

He told me that my dear friend Michelle’s name would be drawn to win the prize (that I had donated) of a free reading. He said she would give it back and someone with highly passionate energy would then win it.

My intuition perked up.

There wasn’t time for me to find out more because fabulous and funny Emily was about to introduce me.

My presentation was a blast. The audience was so open and wonderful I would like to go back.

And Michelle won the reading.

According to Emily, Jodi and Elizabeth, as I spoke my cell phone trotted across the table while turning itself on and off.

TWIN CITIES LIVE held a panel about FUEL U a few days before the event. Click here to see it!

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