Month: July 2017

7 Signs that your 6th SENSE is WORKING!

That knowing feeling

Any of these signs pertain to you? 

1. You feel your feelings deeply and respond to them at full speed. Sensitive people ARE psychic people and love big, feel big and react big.

2. You have an inner-compass and an inner-radar that alerts you when someone near is in pain, in love, or lying. 

3. Coincidence is your middle name.  Insightful people repeatedly find themselves experiencing coincidences and synchronicity in their every day lives.

4. You spontaneously experience animated and detailed pictures in your head about future events. These are Precognitive Hit-and-runs! 

5. When you are in a pickle, and there appears to be no way out, you become quiet and search for an answer from within. In other words, you wait for your ‘gut reaction’ to kick in.

6. You often experience innocent-insights and drop-in-insights. These are insights that drop in unexpectedly. They appear as clear flashing thoughts or impromptu waking visions. They are spontaneous and lack a feeling of malevolence and tend to catch everyone by surprise. Children are famous for them!

7. You are aware of the wisdom of your knowing feelings and are perceptive about people..discerning even. You notice compelling subtleties and you like most everyone but now and then, there are some you immediately feel leery of. This knowing feeling is most often correct.

 Feeling good and doing good

If even one of these signs is familiar to you, your intuition is growing. Everyone is intuitive but not everyone knows it. When you know it, you appreciate, so it flourishes. Keep noticing your hunches! This is how we learn the language of our own intuition. 

If you are a super-sensitive, intuitive person you are likely spirited as well. And speaking of spirits, that sensitivity will help you connect to those on the other side, you know, in-spirit!  Keep feeling your feelings, be gentle with your response to them and most of all, keep LOVING BIG! 

 Greater Good

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