Month: May 2012

MTV Movie Awards, Twin Cities Live and Life

It’s been a busy and beautiful spring in Minnesota. Believe me, we typically earn our springs!

Spring, I have been told is a time for creating, planting, planning and rebirth. It’s also the season of my birth.

This year has been a big one for me with lots of loss and some beautiful gains. My husband and I moved our family to a new home. We loved our old community and we so love our new one as well. Our neighborhood is amazing and filled with kids!

On a sad note, I lost two dear friends to cancer. All the changes have changed me. I look even more fervently to the future. There is so much I want to accomplish; so much I want to learn. Magnetizing what I love is big on my list.

Something good and sweet must be in the air and I am so grateful. My book, The Happy Medium (Llewellyn, 2009) will be included in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Four Seasons Gift Bags! Once I receive the list of recipients, I will post!

I do believe The Happy Medium has met and will meet more stars than I! I have met several however, thanks to Twin Cities Live! The show ( has been a wonder for me. My last segment, ( titled, Following Your Intuition apparently sparked something for viewers because my email box has been brimming with comments and/or requests for readings. The segment is about the intuitive process and how we can ALL put it to good use!

 Put yours to good use..TRUST IT! Or as I love to say…Trust your Gut, Follow your Heart and use your Head!