Month: November 2016

To ENjoy versus to UNjoy!


We all daydream but have you ever noticed how often your daydreams feel a little like a nightmare?

This is what is means to Unjoy versus Enjoy something. Instead of enjoying your  daydream, it turns ugly so you unjoy it.

Those thoughts you think swiftly go dark and drown out the light. You are not alone, we all do this from time to time. There is an easy and somewhat silly adjustment that will turn your UN to EN as in Enjoy!

Choose a favorite song or even an old, loved nursery rhyme to bring yourself out of an unjoyful space. Yep, distract your conscious mind to calm your unconscious mind.


Be your super-psychic self!

Here’s an idea, imagine yourself turning into a version of your favorite childhood superhero! Let’s call this superhero The-Super-Psychic! Whether you have a red or blue cape, silver boots or no boots on at all, you truly are Super-Psychic! Your intuition can lead you out of a sad place and into a far happier one. Here’s how..adjust your point of reference and ignite your intuition through humor and joyful thoughts!





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