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The Cosmos are adding Illumination to the 2020 Celebration!


A new year and a new decade is upon us and oh how the cosmos are adding illumination to the celebration! 

It is time to say goodbye to what was and hello to what is! 

I’ve long been intrigued by the effects of everything moon, planet and star related. As a medium I’m highly aware of the energy created by astrological shifts.

Though I’m not an astrologer, I am astute at reading energy and oh boy is there a lot of great current reading material compliments of the cosmos!

Think Eclipses. Think December 25th until January 10th.

Eclipses offer a progressive shift in perspective, but they also help us get back on track with our life plan. 

This is more than a New Years resolution, this is about making good for your soul! 

This means we will have some energetic assistance with meeting our goals and from more than one source. 

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun and the Lord of Karma. Saturn also casts light on our shadows. 

saturn - Google Search

Saturn it is said, is the inventor of social order. This planet brings meaning into our lives and helps us meet our life goals.

Saturn is made up of 94% hydrogen, 6% helium and small amounts of methane and ammonia. Most stars are made of hydrogen and helium. 

Saturn is the star of Astrology in 2020!

Saturn recently moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn and apparently Capricorn is a pretty big deal right now but for me, Saturn stands out. 


Saturn is a task-master so this get-it-done vibe can help us stand up and face what is. We can choose to be intimidated by Saturn’s weighty energy or we can inhale the power and make it our own. 

stars - Google Search

The stuff we stuff tends to get the best of us so it’s wise to un-stuff by facing our fears. 

We all have dreams. We tend to get in our own way in making them come true because we don’t want to face some big something. But once we do, watch out! 

If something makes your heart sing, it is singing for a reason. Allow your intuition to guide you and believe in yourself and your dreams.

You yourself added them to your life plan for a reason. Be reasonable and go for it!  

Be sure to tell yourself a story about how amazing you are. And then be that freely and purely. 

Allow the ones you love and the cosmos to help you bring forward what you love and most desire. 

Stay focused and unashamed. The good stuff can take time to grow. Be your full self, don’t judge and keep moving forward. Your soul will lead you, just stay in your own light and you are on your way!


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Brilliant Act of Soul

Happy Beautiful July! You may have noticed that I put a happy spin on most everything. I find it’s easier to move through stuff that way and of course it makes it more fun!

Or at least bearable.

When I was in my twenties and thirties, there was a lot of energy put into accumulating things. But now I’m lead to letting things go.

Have you found this to be true? The ability to peacefully release what is moving away from us is a brilliant act of soul.

emotional weight
be good to you

This Universe as One

Universal light

part of our soul

live what you love

Remember…you can always do this!

It's over YES

I’ve found it necessary in the past few days to rock my grounding abilities!



act of soul

Act as if everyone loves you!



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My Inappropriate Blog Post

Finger TreeSometimes..and more often than I would like to admit, I feel like radiating this message!

That’s when words like bliss, joy, and manifestation cause me nothing but emotional frustration. When I’m in this space, I hate what I hate and love what I love and I am in lock- down. Reading something flowery isn’t going to help me..and I don’t even want it to..but I need relief.

So now what?

I find something, anything that makes me smile, makes me feel good even if for just an instant. Like the color of someone’s jacket or the bird that just flew over my head..and pooped..but not on me. 

Remember…We dial into a higher frequency through the vibration of appreciation.

I’ve said this before and I shall say it again..being spiritual is being real.

I-shine-my-light-on every from 3-30-16

So find something that you like and spend time there, liking it.


Run barefoot

Connect with your knowing soul self

I-am-filled-with-a-quiet peace and am now in my now


So U want 2 B more intuitive C.png

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Awaken me to my Natural Intuition

The new moon is listening Jodi YES

Hello Taurus Moon!

Well, it’s that time again: it’s all about the moon! A new moon, a Retrograde, and Jupiter going direct.

And of course it is about the thoughts we think and the words we say.

Everything is about perspective including Jupiter going direct on May 9th. It too has to do with perspective but word has it the benefits will be a tad slow to appear.

The energy coming through right now feels sluggish to me like a humid summer day. It’s time to slow down and sensual up!

Whenever I see the word retrograde in the forecast, (April 28th-May 22nd) I like to create a space of comfort because I know some old ‘stuff’ is bound to come up and I don’t want to  feel stuck as a result, I want to feel empowered. Retrogrades are potent so I want to reap all of the benefits possible.

Here are a few good ideas…Wear comfortable clothing, eat foods that are healthy and feel good to eat, take long walks and long baths, and the ever-worthwhile… think nice thoughts. These are powerful spirit strengthening moves. And of course, there are wonderful benefits to surrounding yourself with beautiful and loving people!

my thoughts flit by YES JODI

The new moon is on May 6th. New moons are a fabulous time to center ourselves and imagine in great detail what we wish to bring into our life! Think about it, draw it, and or sing about it!

Let your old stuff go, this will help your intuition grow!

Ignore colorless and negative thoughts and allow your words to intertwine with all of your favorable intentions.

Reflection this one is blog

soul self


My heart is open

Check this out for more information about the moon
Beautiful photo of turtles by @JonLurie

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Spring Clearing for the Soul

What-doesnt-work-for-us is an art

It’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday!

  There will be imperfect alignment with the Earth, Sun and Moon. This eclipse is called a Penumbral lunar eclipse.

During the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, we will be engulfed with amazing intuitive insights and guidance. Full Moons are a time to discharge, release and liberate ourselves from what no longer serves us. Use this full moon and lunar eclipse to power your spiritual spring clearing!

This little exercise is fun and excellent for clearing out the old and bringing in the new!   Take a shot at doing some purging—a little emotional housekeeping, if you will!

Before you begin…Breath..Inhale, Exhale and Release. Throughout this exercise, remind yourself to Inhale, Exhale and Release!

Every one of us is busy in body mind and spirit. In order to be lighter on our feet and in spirit we need to let go of what no longer serves us. This may be clothing, an old car, foods that feel heavy and unhealthy, and thoughts that feel heavy and unhealthy.

What has been weighing on you of late? Things that tend to float into your mind automatically and hang there, still and stale are great candidates for a little emotional examination and release.

Letting go facilitates the evolution of the soul.

What-doesnt-work-for-me YES

When you walk into your closet in the spring, do you take the advice of the popular de-cluttering experts and remove the clothing you have not worn in a year or so? This is a healthy practice, emotionally speaking and spring is an excellent time to give it a whirl.

What doesn’t work for us doesn’t belong with us, whether it’s a well-worn shirt or a worn-out thought. When a negative, tatty, and useless thought dances through your mind, release the hold it has on you by tuning in, another thought.

This recycles the old energy by moving it into the light.

By-reciting-words-that lift me up

Any repetitious thought that brings you down and depletes your energy is a good candidate.

This also goes for the ever-repeating scene of your now ex-boyfriend kissing another woman, your junior high school math teacher handing you back your test score with a bright red D on the front page, and/or any other memory that doesn’t nourish your spirit.

I-happily-release-old yes

When an ugly scene plays in your head or a negative thought pounds your brain, check in with yourself. Do you feel a lift in your stomach when you have these thoughts? I’m not a betting person, but I would bet you feel low instead of high. The lift and the drop in your stomach is your intuition speaking to you, so please pay attention. The lift feeling is an intuitive yes, this is ok and the drop feeling is an intuitive no, this isn’t serving me.

Picture yourself releasing that ugly, worn-out memory or thought by dropping it into the Universal Recycling Bin, where the shards are removed and it’s transformed into something useful for all. For the next twenty-four hours, allow yourself to release any repetitive, antiquated thoughts. You know the ones: they deplete your energy instead of boost it. Learning to let go is an art, so be an artist!


There is nothing you can see that is not a flower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon.
Matsuo Basho

Come explore what it means to be INSIGHTFUL. Learn something interesting about the power of words, relax and let your mind expand in the moment. Join me on April 6th for THE ART OF AFFIRMATIONS!

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I danced with my shadows until they became part of my light

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Eclipse + Emotion = Metaphysical PMS

Push-yourself-past-your song

If ever I missed the storm of sparkles and hormones that filled my teen years and twenties, I can but look to an eclipse such as the one we are now in for a similar experience.

This feels like metaphysical PMS

And just like the other kind of PMS, emotions are unearthed and released that need to be released. As a truly divine bonus, our intuition is on fire.

Can you feel it? Eclipses highlight emotions. This is a powerful opportunity to awaken to our soul’s desire and our many spiritual gifts.

March 8-9th is a New Moon Solar Eclipse – A Supermoon

On March 8th, the moon will pass in front of the sun, causing the first and only total solar eclipse of 2016.

From the perspective of someone trained in reading energy, I can say that understanding our emotions and the backlog of big-old issues coming up right now is beautifully significant. We have to stay grounded in the face of what is stirring and remember what we need.

This time is made more powerful when we are conscious of our intentions and of our connection to all that is.

When-fear-crowds-me-it pushes


Affirmations and words that inspire can help keep us grounded and true to our heart and soul’s desire.

Read them, repeat them, & watch as your world expands.


Never-regret-loving 3

My-emotions-are-a refecltion YES



I-allow-my-desires-to take flight YES JODI

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Here’s to following a hunch as well as a nudge from a friend on the other side.

F 2 Trent Jodi and the dip

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fancy footwork

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