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Keeping Summer Alive!

Keeping summer alive all winter long!

My-energy-is-ignited-My 2Keeping the feeling of summer alive during the colder months of autumn and winter will add a little light to the colder seasons! There are a few simple things you can do to help you along the way and they are all pretty easy.

Care for all your senses. How things feel, smell, taste look and sound matter. The general vibe of summer is light and warm. Maintaining the same feeling will brighten your day and lighten your mood. Here are a few simple suggestions….

Add plants to your home..ones that are easy to care for and fun to see. Include a few new deep and bright colors into your home decor and add a rug or two that feels good to touch. Bring a small water fountain to work or set one up in your family room. It will help keep your energy flowing.

Exercise…find one or two that you can more than tolerate…you want to enjoy them so you will do them often. Adding an extra run or three up and down your stairs every day is an example of an easy need-to-exercise fix.

Food..we love our feel-good foods in Minnesota and I’m sure it is the same around the globe. Apparently, certain foods lift us up..such as cranberries, ginger, garlic, greens, grapefruit, beetroots, carrots, and garlic. (Good Foods,10-27-15)

We-are-allowed-only-the 2Here are a few things that seem to add a metaphysical lift to the mood and a pop to our vibe…Drink clean, clear water with lemon, sit in the sun at least three times a week or near a window during the day. Take a sun-nap, add fresh herbs to your food and wear bright colors no less than three times a week. Add music to your day, every day. Be sure to add time to your week to be around people and relax.

Expression-through-music And my last keeping summer alive suggestion is to SAGE! Clearing our space of old, worn out thoughts and/or negative energy is a must all year and during the winter it’s even more important because the windows and doors are more commonly closed shut. This clogs up the energy in our homes and as a result, it can clog us up a bit as well. Lighting sage, or smudging as it is commonly referred to, is a Native American tradition. In my experience, it works!

A more detailed description of this technique is included in The Happy Medium.

The most effective way I know to clear a space, or “sage”
it, as we refer to it in my home, is to clean it first. If you do
not have time to conduct a good old soap-and-water house cleaning,
simply wash a few dirty dishes and empty your garbage. Your
intent honestly matters. Getting rid of clutter is also a highly effective
way to change and raise the energy vibration. The act of cleaning
and clearing clutter sends a wonderful message to the Universe
of an openness, and willingness to change.

The smudging ritual can be defined as a powerful spiritual
or mystical house cleaning. It leaves a space fresh and clear of
unwanted energy and allows the light to come on in!

I-am-healthy-and-happy 2Reasons to light sage.., to enhance or create positive energy, and
to reclaim your space and make room for further joy and prosperity.

To do this powerful spiritual clearing, you will need a just few
items: something to burn, and something to burn it in. Please
be mindful of using appropriate, fire resistant tools, and be
aware of the possibility of upper respiratory issues arising due
to the smoke.

The most commonly used herbs are white sage, cedar,
cilantro, mugwort, lavender, and sweetgrass. You will find
these herbs online, in co-ops, and in health food stores.

Another option is purchasing a smudge stick. Smudge sticks
are bundles of dried herbs tied together with colored thread or
a strip of hide.You will also need matches and
a ceramic or stone bowl, a seashell, or a natural, fire-safe bowl.
An ashtray also works well.

Next, open a window. If possible, leave it open during this
process. If it is too hot or cold out, just open the window for
a few minutes at the end of this process.

We-respond-to-that-whichThe next step is to concentrate on the four corners of each room. Traditionally,
you would start your cleansing in the east, fanning the smoke with a feather or just your hand. Continue around the room in a clockwise direction. The smoke from the smoldering herbs attaches itself to negative, old, tired energy. Remember there should be no actual flame, just a smoldering. As it clears away, it takes with it the negative energy, releasing it to another space where it will be turned into positive energy.

I-find-myself-observing 2Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

We are the authors of the story our soul unfolds. So write a beautiful story!

Affirmations Generate Transformation

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Affirmations generate Transformation- ©2015 Jodi Livon

© 2015 Jodi Livon | © The Intuitive Coach | © The Happy Medium

We’ve Been Mooned

I see the moon,
The moon sees me
God bless the moon,
And God bless me.

nursery rhyme

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,The cow jumped over the moon. nursery rhyme

I’m all about giving people a lift. Humor, appreciation and love are vibration and mood elevators. Since this is a time of expansion and change energetically speaking, I thought I would tap into my storehouse of ‘silly‘ to help the process along.

We’ve been mooned

There is nothing you can see that is not a flower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon. Matsuo Basho

Acceptance-has-replaced (3)Things are shifting! This is the first new moon of a new eclipse cycle. I’ve heard it said that it represents a change in circumstances and it brings fresh, new energy. This is a time of expansion.

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to change? A feeling of increase and expansion is already filling the air. Can you feel the fresh new energy beaming in and through you?

A-sense-of-promise-isAffirmations are a powerful tool for lifting our mood and raising our vibe. Most people, once they find an affirmation or affirmations that resonate with them, respond beautifully to them. 

It’s important to choose affirmations that you like and that feel good to read, even if you know you are not totally ‘there’ yet. Your spirit knows the way!


Think of me as your “spirited” guide as I walk you through a fun intuition-sharpening vibe-raising exercise.
Please choose the best answer or answers.

1. We can upgrade our thoughts and positively electrify our world through the use of:
a. Heavy metal.
b. A court of law.
c. Affirmations.

Answer is C.

2. A few pioneers in the area of affirmations are:
a. The Three Stooges.
b. Florence Scovel Shinn, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson.
c. Private Benjamin.

Answer is B.

3. Positive affirmations are simply:
a. Cute and fuzzy little rodents that say “I love you, you are good enough” when you comb their whiskers.
b. Life affirming statements.
c. Negative.

Answer is B.

4. The phrase, “what we feel is what we get” means:
a. We attract what we think about.
b. You break it you bought it.
c. No ‘returns’ on feelings, all sales are final.

Answer is A.

5. You know you are psychic because:
a. You have always looked good in a turban, wear crystal well, can spell the word psychic and watched a whole lot of The Twilight Zone as a child.
b. You have always loved the music of the Grateful Dead.
c. Everyone is psychic.

Answer is C.

6. The most effective time or times to say affirmations is:
a. Before 3:00am. Affirmations are not allowed to compete with the witching hour.
b. Right before we fall asleep.
c. While standing in front of a mirror and saying them out loud.

Answer is B & C.

7. Our vibrational frequency is:
a. The level at which we radiate. It’s the vibe we radiate.
b. Better with raisin toast.
c. Not about who we are; it’s how we are!

Answer is A & C.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

I-have-within-me-all (2)We can electrify our world through the use of affirmations!

The-energy-circling-inAffirmations are born when poetry meets intuition!

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Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

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Affirmations generate Transformation- ©2015 Jodi Livon

© 2015 Jodi Livon | © The Intuitive Coach | © The Happy Medium