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There is No Expiration Date on Love

There was a time when I was alone

It’s Holiday time! This is a time for people to gather and dine, laugh and simply be together. But there are so many who, for reasons untold, do not have anyone to be with.

So please share your gift of light with everyone you see. Smile at strangers, give compliments wildly, and include friends and family who are outside of your typical invite list. And remember to fill yourself up with appreciation!

How we love

Love has no expiration date. Even when someone has moved on, as in crossed over or you have split up with a friend or lover, the sweet energy that once connected you still lives on.

Love never dies. This does not mean it’s healthy to live in the past, it means we allow the love to be a part of us as we move forward because it adds to our shine!

feel your light 2



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