Month: February 2012

Oscar Gift Bags

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

I love reading energy. It is especially fun at parties, where people tend to shine the brightest. The Oscars, now that is one huge party and this year I’ll be watching the stars, reading the energy and wondering whose hands my book, “The Happy Medium” (Llewellyn Worldwide) has and will been in.

“The Happy Medium” is in especially good company this weekend. It is, along with a host of unique and amazing items, in the Four Season Hotel Oscar Gift Bags! The bags include some fabulous products such as a gift set from Intelligent Nutrients, some truly amazing wine and chocolate and a $1500 Un Amore mixer that as I understand it, Khloe Kardashian also owns. The list goes on so I have included a few links for your viewing pleasure.

People are asking me how “The Happy Medium” landed in the Oscar Bag. It happened through a series of seemingly unrelated events that ended in my book being voted into the bag by the hosts of Twin Cities Live, John Hanson and Elizabeth Ries! This is the link to the segment as well as a list of the fabulous items in the bag!

CNN Entertainment did a story on the bags titled, Oscars bring gifts for A-list to D-list. “The Happy Medium” is in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go paint my daughter’s nails and help her put on a fancy dress. This IS Oscar night after all!

Is this how a blog works…I’m adding to it?!

Here is a list of some of the celebrities who stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel who received an OSCAR GIFT BAG!

1. Morgan Freeman
2. Al Roker
3. Octavia Spencer (winner)
4. Ann Curry
5. Janet McTeer (nominee Albert Nobbs)
6. Glenn Close (nominee Albert Nobbs)
7. Tina Fey (presenter)
8. Meredith Vieira (press)
9. Viola Davis (nominee The Help)
10. Berenice Bejo (nominee The Artist)
11. Michel Hazanavicius (winner The  Artist)
12. Ryan Seacrest
13. Martin Scorsese (nominee Hugo)
14. Thomas Horn (actor Extremely Loud Incredibly Close)
15. Thomas Langmann (producer The Artist)
16. Stephen Daldry (Director Producer Extremely Loud Incredibly Close)
17. Leslee Dart PR for Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep)
18. Ben Kingsley (actor Hugo)
19. Jessica Lange (actress)
20. Brad Bird (director)(no mixer)
21. Jean Dujardin (winner The Artist)
22. Michelle Williams (nominee)
23. Steve Buscemi (actor)
24. Graham King (Hugo)(no mixer)
25. Anne Seiber (Midnight in Paris)(no mixer)
26. Meryl Poster (casting)(no mixer)
27. English Actor staying under alias
28. Twin Cities Live Giveaway
29. Charity (no mixer)
30. GM Four Seasons (no mixer)


Thank you on behalf of Hollywood Baskets and Goldenheart Media.