Month: March 2020


All around the globe we are doing something together! The entire planet united in this quest to be healthy, safe, virus free and to find a cure for us all! 

We are doing something together as apart as we are!

Hello Social Distancing!

This is from

Feeling such deep appreciation!

All your life you have been waiting and now

Now more than ever…HUG PEOPLE with your WORDS!

Call someone who lives alone and hug them with your words.

Call everyone you love and hug them with your words!

Our animals are happy we are home with them

 Attitude Counts!

Today I am wearing cowboy boots

What once was weak now makes us strong! We are a resilient people!

Find something to like and something to love!
If at all possible breathe in fresh air!
Open a window and feel the Earth’s power.
Draw in the energy of light.
Know that when you feel the light you become the light!

Just Breathe and Believe

Give your mood a lift and your intuition a boost! Take this little quiz adapted from The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition!

Please choose the best answer or answers!

1. Before you begin intuitive work of any kind, it’s important to . . .

a. Change your socks—spirits hate stinky feet.
b. Think dark thoughts, eat dark chocolate, and sit in a dark room.
c. Dial into a higher frequency by opening up to how you feel, and fill yourself with gratitude and light.
(Answer is C.)


2. “What we see is what we get” refers to . . .

a. When we see and focus on the good, we have more of it.
b. Last call at a bar.
c. Whatever we see, we can take. It’s a finders-keepers, losers-weepers thing.                             (Answer is A.)


3. You know you are psychic because . . .
A. You love crystal jewelry and look darn good in it.
B. You are excellent at card games such as Old Maid and Go Fish, so you think you will be a natural at reading tarot cards.
C. Everyone is psychic . . . everyone.
(Answer is C.)


4. If your feelings are the wings of your intuition, what is indigestion?

A. Your guide’s way of boogying.
B. Discomfort in your abdomen.
C. Bubbles everywhere, magical bubbles.
(Answer is B.)


5. A sign from the Universe that you are insightful and are correct is . . .

A. Goose bumps (also known as angel kisses).
B. Burping, lots of burping.
C. Your solar plexus dancing.
(Answer is A and C.)


6. The chapter about your own personal shopper introduces . . .

A. Astral projection.
B. How to creep on someone at a mall to see what they are buying.
C. How your intuition acts like your own personal shopper.
(Answer is C.)


7. You know you are sensing spirit energy from the other side because . . .

A. The Psychic Network calls you for answers.
B. Your great-aunt Esther keeps coming to mind and the scent of her famous orange chicken has been everywhere all day. You later realize that it is the anniversary of her death.
C. You keep hearing a knock, knock, knock on heaven’s door.
(Answer is B.)


8. Your guides are available . . .

A. At Walmart. Grab a six-pack.
B. Nine to five—banker’s hours, baby.
C. Always.
(Answer is C.)


9. If you wish to raise your vibration to increase happiness, joy, and insights, what are a few solid things you can do?

A. Practice feeling grateful. Notice everything good that is happening in and around your life. Keep noticing.
B. Pay attention to how you feel. This means how you feel psychically, as well as emotionally. If you feel off or down, do something sweet for yourself to help lift you up.
C. Bring to mind people you love and absorb the feeling.
(Answer is A, B, and C.)


10. Tapping into your intuition in dating matters is . . .

A. Not overly vanilla.
B. Like budging in line, it’s just out of line.
C. Fabulous, fun, and very useful. Hopefully your date is doing the same and you can connect on a new level!
(Answer is C.)


11. “Reaching through the veil” pertains to . . .

A. Making sure you are marrying the right person before the ceremony.
B. Karma. You stole mine, now I steal yours.
C. Connecting with those in spirit.
(Answer is C.)

12. Chakras are . . .

A. Swirling circles of energy throughout the body.
B. The new neighbors last name. They are from Woo-Woo Land.
C. Past-life regression pills.
(Answer is A.)


13. Seeing numbers in double, triple, or quadruple form . . .

A. Is a sign that there’s a winter solstice event at the local Chakra station so it’s a double-coupon day.
B. Intensifies their qualities.
C. You must have taken the “Getting Stones” chapter title a little wrong.
(Answer is B.)


14. Signs of your intuition in action are . . .

A. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion (and you are not on recreational drugs).
B. You’ve noticed dust bunnies under your bed and they move seemingly on their own.
C. You feel directed—as if by a tide in the ocean—to follow a certain path.
(Answer is both A and C.)


15. Like a homing device, the soul can find its way to the One Universal Light. We just have to let our soul do its thing. Which is . . .

A. Drink lots of soul-juice every day (freshly squeezed and organic, please).
B. Act spirited and throw our hands in the air like we don’t care.
C. Jump on our high-flying vibe.
(Answer is C.)


16. Reading a book like The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is good for the soul because . . .
A. Learning to understand the language of intuition gives voice to your soul.
B. When intuition is on your side, it helps you graciously and confidently stand up for what you want.
C. When we are comfortable with the language of our intuition we can just breathe and believe.
(Answer is A, B, and C.)

Thanks for playing…you get an A!

Sending you love!

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