Month: July 2012

Out of the Box, Twin Cities Live and Ghosts!

Out of the box. That is how more than one co-worker over the years has described the way I view things. Out of the box means a unique or creative way of thinking. I love thinking and seeing things that are not so obvious. Good thing because as a medium, I do that a lot! Whether it is picking up on someone’s feelings, their past, or sensing the presence of a spirit from the other side, I’m responding to responses and finding solutions to existing or potential problems. I love my work as an intuitive coach.

Going into places that are occupied by earth bound spirits however has not typically been my favorite thing because a certain amount of suffering is almost always present. And as a medium, I want to help alleviate suffering but cannot if the one in pain is not willing to change their mode of thinking.

Thankfully, when my producers at Twin Cities Live have asked me to conduct ghost investigations I have had the clean, clear and wonderful energy of Kerry Klatt around me. And things have gotten even better…Dave Schrader has joined us and he is one fun and knowledgeable guy. No matter what is happening, we always manage to laugh.

In all of my years there has been only one ‘haunted’ place I have wanted to see, feel and be in. That place is the home of author Annie Wilder. When I learned that Twin Cities Live was considering shooting a segment at her home I was delighted! Though I had never been there, I could feel that the vibration was upbeat, spooky but not creepy and loaded with cool spirit energy!

This week Kerry Klatt of Twin Cities Live (, Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio (, and I ( visited Annie’s home ( to check out any potential spirit activity. Well Annie’s house never ever seems to disappoint!

Lights blinked, a star hanging from a string on the ceiling was knocked by a dark figure, movement was seen peripherally, a little girl in spirit gently grabbed my arm and a spider crawled in my hair. Okay that last part about the spider was not ‘ghostly’ but it was creepy!

Annie’s house, from the front door to the dirt room in the basement is filled with spooks who are all spooky but not all creepy. To see the segment shot that night, tune into Twin Cities Live at 3:00 pm CST. on Friday the 13th of July! Channel 5-KSTP. or check out my facebook page, for the link!