Month: February 2017

Strengthen your Intuitive Skills by putting them to Work for You!


Feel inspired to take a chance and wonder if you should? Hesitant about the big decision you just made and could use some divine support? Keep seeing double numbers on the clock and have a feeling it symbolizes something?

Numbers, symbols, and signs can inspire and support you!

Start noticing coincidences, serendipitous events, and calming dreams.

Pay attention to how you feel and signs from the Universe and your guides will begin to become clearer and clearer.

Numbers, symbols, and signs are in our lives for a reason—they are one example of how our guides and loved ones communicate with us through the language of intuition. They help illuminate the messages our higher soul-selves crave.


For example…You and your spouse have been heavy into conversation about having children and you are not sure the timing is right..But for the past ten days, every time you walk into say a coffee store, barbershop, drugstore or computer store, the first people you notice are those with young children. You begin to grin, your heart beats a little faster and you feel like butterflies are dancing in your stomach.

Yes, this is a sign.


Art by Jacque Rosenau!

Notice how you initially feel when the sign appears. The meaning will likely bring you to a place of power, not depression. The voice of our intuition is soothing and discerning, never critical or blaming.

Decide that every sign represents something affirmative and be open and positive.


My new book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is filled with intuition popping techniques that will help you learn to trust your gut and to start to recognize the meaning behind the numbers and symbols and signs that materialize in your life every day.

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Upcoming News and Happenings!

February 16th, 2017 in Minnetonka, MN The Art of Affirmations! This event includes readings on spontaneously chosen audience members.

Book Signing and talk on February 19th at Magers and Quinn in Minneapolis, MN! This event is open to the public and free.


January 5th, Jodi was on the cover of the Variety section of the Star Tribune! The story ran in five additional publications nationally and internationally!


Check out Jodi’s interview with Jim Harold on The Paranormal Podcast!

Jodi was on Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Great new radio show, Strange Dimensions!  

February 10th, 2017 Jodi is on live TV! Check out Twin Cities Live!

Fabulous header art by Jacque Rosenau!

My book launch was on live TV!  happiness-is-this-moment
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