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From The ‘Woo Woo’ To The Corporate, From Mainstream To Those Who Swim Only Upstream, Intuition Is For Everyone!

This post was originally published a few years back when I wrote for Savvy Magazine. I decided to re-post because I love answering intuition-related questions. In the next weeks I plan on answering a few of yours on this blog!

Curls and pearls Jodi


I will be choosing questions that everyone can relate to such as:

-Since my father died, my refrigerator light goes off on the anniversary of his death. Is this a sign from him or some freak coincidence?”

-How can I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?

-Ever since my older brother died two years ago, when I first meet people, I start to get all kinds of information about them. It is not like I’m looking, I don’t want to know this stuff. Can I stop it?

Here is how to ask your question!

-Follow my blog.

-Click on this link and send a short question that everyone can relate to. Please keep in mind that this is not a venue for a reading…It IS a great one for Q&A!

-We (my amazing staff & I) will chose one or two questions and I will answer them in my next new blog post.

-If all goes well, I’ll answer questions at least once a month on this blog.

-Unanswered questions will be released to the Universe.

-And just so you know, the answer to the first example question above is …The light going off in the fridge is a loving sign from your father in-spirit!  Keep reading for answers to the other example questions!

-And also just so you know, you are a divinely loved child of the Universe and are connected to the Light of Lights. So feel free to SHINE!


(This was originally posted some time ago)

For the past several months, I’ve been writing a Q&A column about the intuitive process for Savvy Magazine (http://savvy.mn/author/jlivon/). We have had some wild and inquisitive inquiries and we love them all! Questions have come in about ghosts, how to deal with intuitive kids, dying parents, and co-workers with negative energy. Additionally, we have also had some heartfelt questions about instincts and tragedy as well as how intuition can help those who compete in athletics.

From the ‘woo woo’ to the corporate, from mainstream to those who swim only upstream, Intuition is for everyone!

Are you a seeker? Are you sensitive to life’s nuances? Have you found that when you are in the rhythm and flow of life, receptive to and in line with all of your senses, everything flows more naturally? And of course, when you feel unaligned, do the small bumps you classically avoid become boulders? Do you wish to learn how to consciously navigate your way back into a better space? You intuition can be an enormous help! If you wish to learn more, there are a number of great avenues to take! For instance, you can read about it and watch intuition-friendly shows such as Twin Cities Live!  And of course there are amazing events  designed to help boost your intuitive knowledge! Google your greatest desire and be open to the light!


Jodi Livon, author of The Happy Medium, intuitive coach and resident psychic at Twin Cities Live, says everyone is intuitive.

Each month readers ask Livon about their questions around intuition and all things supernatural. In this month’s edition, readers ask about discerning intuition from ego, intuitive boundaries and dealing with negative people.

How can I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?

Great question. Our Intuition speaks to us through a still quiet voice from within. It’s that inner knowing, that internal nudge that leads us to the right place at the right time. Our intuitive voice is calm and never puts us down or seems angry. On the other hand, our ego acts out of fear and often encourages us to assume and act out of selfishness. When we do so, our egos inflate while our intellect and spirit are diminished. As a result, our intuition naturally shuts down. If we center ourselves we can return to a blissful neutral, and reopen our heart and mind. The flow of psychic data is now liberated and able to reach the conscious mind at a more rapid speed. To do this work justice, we must stay tuned to the higher self and give the ego, which can act as a loaded gun, time off.

Ever since my older brother died two years ago, when I first meet people, I start to get all kinds of information about them. It is not like I’m looking, I don’t want to know this stuff. Can I stop it?

You can keep the flow of information from feeling as though it is bombarding you but it takes some real work. The grief you experienced over the loss of your brother opened you up intuitively; this is not at all uncommon. There are practices that can help you heal and become better at controlling when and how information presents itself so you will no longer feel so flooded. The most effective is through physical exercise. This will help you feel connected to the earth and gain a strong presence of being. As a result, your personal borders (aka boundaries) are strengthened. Another practice is to simply, firmly, and politely say, no when information begins to roll in. It works. Turn your attention to a picture in your mind that brings you peace and re-ground yourself.

I work with someone who has nothing nice to say to or about anyone. He sits near me and I have a terrible time feeling productive because his complaining tires me out. Is there something I can do to block his bad mood?

Our thoughts offer a platform from which to view our world. When we are in a dark mood, darkness finds us. It sounds like your co-worker is caught in it, and there is much you can do to block it. First, exercise compassion for him; he clearly is in pain. Next, turn up your personal level of positive energy. There is always something upbeat to think and say. Look around your space and acknowledge seven things that you are grateful for. Silently say something appreciative about them. When you do so, the mood-altering effects are astounding. Everything flows with extra ease when positive energy is infused in it. Maintaining affirmative thoughts can shift dark energy to light.

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when I stopped to take a breath

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Your Divinely Guided Spirit Team

The light that is you re-run

We are all loved and divinely protected children of the Universe. The Universe in all its wisdom has our back.


In numerology 2020 represents peace balance and so much more.

So here we are, over half way through 2020. It is irrefutably a year where we hope and strive to see things clearly…with 2020 vision to be sure.

Here is some splendid news…We have help reaching that clarity.  Numerology can add insight to where we are and where we are headed. We also have a Divinely Guided Spirit Team.


Everything is made of energy….Including numbers!

This is 2020.

The number twenty is associate with healing, balance, teamwork, diplomacy, relationships and finding harmony.

Two is associated with cooperation, harmony, and relationship. Think Equilibrium.

Zero is associated with all that is. It adds great power to any number.

Know that there are zillions of lovely descriptions for every number. I believe when it comes to numerology, or perhaps when it comes to anything, it is wise to choose the meaning that resonates and brings us peace.

Divinely Guided Spirit Team

I shine my light re-run

I’m not one for cliques but I do like to be a part of a team. Most especially when things are, shall we say a bit quirky as they are now. Did you know we all have a divinely guided spirit team?

Team members include our guides, angels, the Universe of course and us. Yes, the higher-knowing side of us is part of our Divinely guided team. When we are in the flow, feeling good and loving, we are connected to our higher-knowing self. We are worthy of being on our own team.

In this space we are aware that we are all loved beyond words and are part of something divine.

Here’s a little more about how this works.

When a medium says, We are never really alone most people think we are referring to deceased-loved-ones and their frequent visits. Our loved-ones on the-other-side indeed do pop in and add support but they have an abundance of fun things to do at their ghostly fingertips so they are actually not always near by.

We are never really alone refers to the ongoing presence of our light-filled Divinely Guided Team.  They communicate with us telepathically and through our feelings, that is to say through the language of our intuition. So trust those hunches, gut feelings, and angel bumps!

A fabulous rule of thumb to live by is: Trust your gut, follow your heart and use your head.

Follow your heart rerun

Isn’t it nice to know that we are surrounded by light? The light is made stronger by our own soul light. It is especially wonderful to know we have help from beyond.

So about those guides…

Me and my guides are pretty tight. How about you and yours?

“Each of us has one senior guide who has been with us
throughout many lifetimes. Guides are multifaceted. They
stand beside us in all that we do, giving us the space to learn
and earn a higher place of consciousness. Our spirit guides have
paid their karmic debt in full before they are appointed to us.
Our guide’s core job is to alight our paths.
As we move through our years, junior guides emerge based
on our life choices. A junior guide may be a specialist in an
area that we have chosen to move toward.” Excerpt from
The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition.

The voice of our guides sounds the same as the voice we hear when we read silently to ourselves.

Guides will never criticize or critique. They can nudge and encourage but they do not shame.


I refer here to Guardian Angels. There are also angels of high rank called Archangels.  The four I am most familiar with are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. They are sublime and I will blog about them another time.

We each have one or more Guardian Angel around us. The general consensus seems to be two with the possibility of more.

Angels are divine beings of pure light sent to help us connect with our higher-knowing-self and our life path. It is my understanding that angels are not of human lineage and appear only when invited.

Angels are divine healers and come forth in a number of ways including as beams of light. They also materialize as humans and perform great acts of kindness and then vanish.

The light is calling rerun

They are Divine body guards and help protect us and bring messages of light. They fortify us and help turn us toward our greatest light. They illuminate truth and give us strength. Our Guardian Angels never leave us, even in death.

Call upon your guides & angels often and feel their warm glow from within. You are worthy!

Artist Jacque Rosenau

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Minneapolis Girl

Did you know that it is important to rev up your personal energetic boundaries when something tragic occurs or is occurring?  It’s actually vital for everyone. If you are a medium or an empath it’s crucial.

Recently I’ve been painfully reminded of this.

When you feel like emotional energy is seeping in through your skin that’s a solid sign that you are energetically too open. It’s time to close yourself down and tighten your boundaries up.

Typically I have solid boundaries. I’ve worked my whole life on them and know where my space begins and ends but the other night, I didn’t do so well. Instead of dialing into my light and revving up my boundaries I overdosed on the sadness of current events and absorbed the frenetic energy bouncing around on the streets of Minneapolis. 

Here’s a good visual of the way I felt. Think back to a time in your childhood when you rubbed a balloon on your hair causing your hair to stand up. Wednesday night I was the hair. 

balloons and hair - Google Search (2)I grew up in the suburbs yet my heart has always been partial to South Minneapolis where I lived when I was single. The eclectic mix of people and personalities somehow made me feel at home. The apartments I rented were typically near one of the beautiful lakes and eventually I purchased a home close to one as well. 

So I consider myself a Minneapolis girl. 

Wednesday night (5-27-2020) I was glued to the news.  That was a  mistake because as you probably know, there was a lot going on in Minneapolis. There still is. In order to find balance, moderation  is key. Frenetic energy is bolstered by fear. 

I’m a medium and we feel things in stereo.

Fear had overtaken me so much so that my boundaries were off kilter and I did not feel like myself. The feeling reminded me of times when spirits tried to take over my body but I knew this was not the case. At midnight I paid some bills and decided to return a few emails from friends. Yet another mistake. 

Super sorry if you received a message from me!

If you were wondering if my spellcheck was broken I was wondering that as well when I woke up and reviewed my sent messages!

I was trying so hard to do something normal hoping it would make me feel less fuzzy and emotionally overcrowded.

I was too far gone and even woke up feeling horrible! My body was literally vibrating with the emotion radiating throughout the Twin Cities. Like the rest of the United States, I am horrified by George Floyd’s murder and tremendously sad about the wreckage of the streets and buildings in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. George Floyd’s death has sparked protests.

Discrimination-is-like an infection
I’m a healer by nature and want to be part of the light that heals. 

Not wishing to have a repeat of the night before, and yearning to feel my light, I took a long brisk walk and swam laps. A lot of laps! I was trying to shake off feelings that were not my own and make sense of the ones that were. 

Once my body was calm I meditated and dove into my light.

I learned a lot from my mistakes that night. 

This is a time of supremely high emotion for all of us and I’m not talking about only those in the Twin Cities. 

The pandemic has given us a reason to tighten up our boundaries. We are made more vulnerable in times like these so it is especially important to stay conscious and healthy in mind body and spirit. Simply knowing this helps protect us.

We are experiencing a new normal. As much as we hope it is a temporary new normal we know that the sooner we make peace with change, the happier we will be. 

Learning to dial inward is worthwhile. 

There are times A

Our questions can be answered from within. Our intuition is a solid source of knowledge and wisdom. The first step is feeling our light. 

Try this!

*Slow your breathing simply by listening to the sound of it as you inhale and exhale gently through your nose. 

*Think back to a time when you survived something big.

*Remember how you felt knowing things ended up just fine.

*Allow that peaceful feeling to move in and through you.

*Know that doing this ignites similar peaceful energy to come forward.

*Remember that life  has provided you with solid training so allow your confidence to glow.

*Remind yourself to stay conscious of and care about how you feel. 

*Alter the words you say to yourself. Make them nice!

*When you feel good even for a second acknowledge it.

*As those seconds grow into minutes float within them!

*Know that you walk with faith and grace beside you and that the Universe has your back.

*It is within this space that your insights become louder and louder.


For additional emotional alignment try this!

*Increase intake of pure water!

*Find a form of exercise you enjoy doing and do it every day!

*Ditch the electronics for an amiable book before bedtime.

*Intentionally read, say or think about something completely comforting for at least ten-minutes prior to falling asleep.

*Make sure you have something on your bedside table that makes you smile like a photo, quote, or book. 

*Deliberately reach for it first thing in the morning and allow yourself a few minutes to enjoy it!

A call to all lightworkers

I am an empath living just outside of Minneapolis. This blog post centers on helping empathic sensitive people deal with the frenetic energy such as is going on in my hometown.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Seeking Comfort in Long Ago Places

I’m seeking comfort in long ago places.

There is a sense of newness and mourning colliding inside my head and heart. I’m waiting patiently for my intuition to take the lead. 

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 4.12.12 PM copy 2

Anyone else feel like they are getting to know themselves in a whole new way thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

My sense of humor has changed along with my sense of self.

I keep coming back to wanting to hug all my loves. My children and husband, the baby I lost, my parents and grandparents. I’m seeking comfort in long ago places. I wonder how old friends and old loves are faring. I’m hoping I’ve done well in helping everyone I love and have loved know the depth of my appreciation for the place they have in my heart.

IMG_2750This isn’t because I think it is my end yet I know it is an end. It’s the halting at least for now of things like concerts, baseball and dance competitions. It is also a hiatus for my large-group events and hugging my clients and feeling the energy in the room move up and expand then explode in light.

It’s the finale of jobs, relationships and life as we have always known it.


It’s an end to the old me and the old you. We cannot help but respond to the tentative place we have on the planet made more obvious by this insidious virus.

Nor can we deny the beauty and strength of the human race.

If we look past the ruling forces that govern each country and dial into the people that live there we will have achieved so much.

No matter how near or far, we are neighbors and cousins.

So what do we do with this sense of closeness in the midst of social distancing?

your soul is wise

When I feel lost in a sea of anxiety and doubt I remember the most difficult times in my life and how I found my way through and out of them. I’ve long thought of myself as a survivor.  When all outward signs pointed toward me achieving nothing I achieved everything.

It is strange that time has taught me that we are meant to survive until we are not.

We will make it through this time in our lives and we will help others along the way. 

This Universe as OneThis time of sheltering at home has offered many gifts. Have you accepted them?

As we experience tremendous loss how do we find something, anything good?

We may not. At least not right away.

At some point though we will remember the co-worker or aunt who reached out to help or the coincidence that appeared out of nowhere and transformed our life.

We are not alone. We are connected one to the other through our light and through our love.

April 2018

So fall or jump into feeling your love. Love of your fur-family-member, your spouse or partner, family, friends, job, and land. All love is love of light and all light is a spark of the One Universal Light.

You’ve got this! We’ve got this!

In all things…Trust your gut, follow your heart and use your head.

May you find some sweetness in your day and may you know how un-alone you are.

Best shot November 22 2019 TCL

I’m the Resident Psychic on the happiest television show airing in the Midwest, Twin Cities Live! Check out my latest segment Pandemic Dreams! I’m back on the show June 12th!

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I’m the author of THE HAPPY MEDIUM book series!
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Dream a Little Dream

playground for the unconscious

Have you been experiencing vivid offbeat dreams of late? 

Many of our dreams are actually pandemic-related and mostly brought on by preemptive stress. There are even hashtags associated with pandemic dreaming!

There is an emotional and spiritual detoxifying element to what we are all going through, and our dreams are illustrating it in full living color!

Dreams expose our unconscious fears and true thoughts about current times. They also help us work through past upheaval. So if you have been dreaming about your past you are not alone.

Like any good detox, things need to come up before they move out. Some people are having nightmares about dying by suffocation, and others dream of storms. Still others are dreaming about monsters in the night. Our global health and economic crisis could be compared to all of these nightmarish themes. 

People are also tweeting and talking about their dreams of  loved ones in spirit visiting them. The most common times family and friends in spirit visit us is during family celebrations, times of transition and when we are going through difficult times.

          There’s likely a lot of transition in your life right now and also the uncertainty.


We are collectively experiencing emotional detoxification through collective dreaming! 

We are encountering something rare that specialists refer to as collective dreaming due to this global crisis. Collective dreaming occurs when a large proportion of people experience something at the same time.

For example, following 911, collective trauma caused large numbers of people to have nightmares that often were around the subject of plane crashes.

I am here I am whole I am now

During my Facebook Live events people were asking why they couldn’t sleep at all. In my experience stress can manifest in disturbed sleep, headaches, tummy aches and fatigue. 

Sleep has actually escaped me on and off for months now and I know I am not alone. Stress-related fatigue stinks! 

I am not getting enough REM and I’m not referring to the musical group that became famous in the 1980’s, R.E.M.!

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Research indicates that REM sleep aids in management of our mood, functionality and cognitive functioning. The COVID-19 Pandemic has dearly impacted our REM because it has modified our sleep.

The REM dream state gives us a chance to test drive situations that cause us fear and also work through our fears! 

So what can we do?

Here-are-few-things-we USE THIS JODI

Creating and maintaining a schedule can be incredibly helpful!

So-about-those-scary (2) FOR SURE

For additional emotional alignment try this!

-Increase scheduled exercise!

-Increase intake of pure water!

-Decrease consumption of caffeine! 

-Set a sleep schedule! Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day!

-Ditch the electronics for an amiable book at least an hour before bedtime.

-Deliberately read, say or think about something completely comforting for at least ten-minutes prior to falling asleep.

-In the morning talk about your dreams with a trusted someone.

-Know that there is no real need to interpret your dreams for them to be useful.

Dreams connect your conscious with your unconscious by their very existence. As a result, they offer you more light. 

Let life love you REPEAT quote

I was on Twin Cities Live May 8th talking about Pandemic Dreams!

May 2020 Dream segmant TCL

Thank you for reading my blog!

Grace lives in courage

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I’m the author of THE HAPPY MEDIUM book series!
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All around the globe we are doing something together! The entire planet united in this quest to be healthy, safe, virus free and to find a cure for us all! 

We are doing something together as apart as we are!

Hello Social Distancing!


This is from Wilddhearts.com

Feeling such deep appreciation!

All your life you have been waiting and now

Now more than ever…HUG PEOPLE with your WORDS!

Call someone who lives alone and hug them with your words.

Call everyone you love and hug them with your words!

Our animals are happy we are home with them

 Attitude Counts!

Today I am wearing cowboy boots

What once was weak now makes us strong! We are a resilient people!

Find something to like and something to love!
If at all possible breathe in fresh air!
Open a window and feel the Earth’s power.
Draw in the energy of light.
Know that when you feel the light you become the light!

Just Breathe and Believe

Give your mood a lift and your intuition a boost! Take this little quiz adapted from The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition!

Please choose the best answer or answers!

1. Before you begin intuitive work of any kind, it’s important to . . .

a. Change your socks—spirits hate stinky feet.
b. Think dark thoughts, eat dark chocolate, and sit in a dark room.
c. Dial into a higher frequency by opening up to how you feel, and fill yourself with gratitude and light.
(Answer is C.)


2. “What we see is what we get” refers to . . .

a. When we see and focus on the good, we have more of it.
b. Last call at a bar.
c. Whatever we see, we can take. It’s a finders-keepers, losers-weepers thing.                             (Answer is A.)


3. You know you are psychic because . . .
A. You love crystal jewelry and look darn good in it.
B. You are excellent at card games such as Old Maid and Go Fish, so you think you will be a natural at reading tarot cards.
C. Everyone is psychic . . . everyone.
(Answer is C.)


4. If your feelings are the wings of your intuition, what is indigestion?

A. Your guide’s way of boogying.
B. Discomfort in your abdomen.
C. Bubbles everywhere, magical bubbles.
(Answer is B.)


5. A sign from the Universe that you are insightful and are correct is . . .

A. Goose bumps (also known as angel kisses).
B. Burping, lots of burping.
C. Your solar plexus dancing.
(Answer is A and C.)


6. The chapter about your own personal shopper introduces . . .

A. Astral projection.
B. How to creep on someone at a mall to see what they are buying.
C. How your intuition acts like your own personal shopper.
(Answer is C.)


7. You know you are sensing spirit energy from the other side because . . .

A. The Psychic Network calls you for answers.
B. Your great-aunt Esther keeps coming to mind and the scent of her famous orange chicken has been everywhere all day. You later realize that it is the anniversary of her death.
C. You keep hearing a knock, knock, knock on heaven’s door.
(Answer is B.)


8. Your guides are available . . .

A. At Walmart. Grab a six-pack.
B. Nine to five—banker’s hours, baby.
C. Always.
(Answer is C.)


9. If you wish to raise your vibration to increase happiness, joy, and insights, what are a few solid things you can do?

A. Practice feeling grateful. Notice everything good that is happening in and around your life. Keep noticing.
B. Pay attention to how you feel. This means how you feel psychically, as well as emotionally. If you feel off or down, do something sweet for yourself to help lift you up.
C. Bring to mind people you love and absorb the feeling.
(Answer is A, B, and C.)


10. Tapping into your intuition in dating matters is . . .

A. Not overly vanilla.
B. Like budging in line, it’s just out of line.
C. Fabulous, fun, and very useful. Hopefully your date is doing the same and you can connect on a new level!
(Answer is C.)


11. “Reaching through the veil” pertains to . . .

A. Making sure you are marrying the right person before the ceremony.
B. Karma. You stole mine, now I steal yours.
C. Connecting with those in spirit.
(Answer is C.)

12. Chakras are . . .

A. Swirling circles of energy throughout the body.
B. The new neighbors last name. They are from Woo-Woo Land.
C. Past-life regression pills.
(Answer is A.)


13. Seeing numbers in double, triple, or quadruple form . . .

A. Is a sign that there’s a winter solstice event at the local Chakra station so it’s a double-coupon day.
B. Intensifies their qualities.
C. You must have taken the “Getting Stones” chapter title a little wrong.
(Answer is B.)


14. Signs of your intuition in action are . . .

A. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion (and you are not on recreational drugs).
B. You’ve noticed dust bunnies under your bed and they move seemingly on their own.
C. You feel directed—as if by a tide in the ocean—to follow a certain path.
(Answer is both A and C.)


15. Like a homing device, the soul can find its way to the One Universal Light. We just have to let our soul do its thing. Which is . . .

A. Drink lots of soul-juice every day (freshly squeezed and organic, please).
B. Act spirited and throw our hands in the air like we don’t care.
C. Jump on our high-flying vibe.
(Answer is C.)


16. Reading a book like The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is good for the soul because . . .
A. Learning to understand the language of intuition gives voice to your soul.
B. When intuition is on your side, it helps you graciously and confidently stand up for what you want.
C. When we are comfortable with the language of our intuition we can just breathe and believe.
(Answer is A, B, and C.)

Thanks for playing…you get an A!

Sending you love!

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I got into a fight with…………. Mercury Retrograde!

Despite my best efforts, I got into a fight with Mercury Retrograde!

It was early last week…

I had been minding my own business, coaching some fabulous clients, (they are all pretty fabulous BTW) meditating, surveying my own boundaries when out of the blue, I felt like crying. As a medium and highly empathic person, I recognize when I’m sensing and/or taking on someone’s feelings. I tightened my boundaries and again felt a waive of such sadness I wanted to cry. This was mine and it was weird. 

I felt saturated by heartache and feelings of overwhelm. They seemed to come out of thin air. Days before things in my life were flowing along with ease. 

But then I recalled…

Mercury went Retrograde October 31st and will stay there until November 20th.

Mad…I was really mad at Mercury for this awful retrograde. I had done so much to ground myself in preparation! The little shit planet, I thought to myself, really packs a punch when in retrograde! Something inside of me wanted to punch back. 

So I sat with my tears and listened to what they had to say. No judging, just listening and sort of swaying back and forth. And just like that my knowing-soul-self started to send symbols my way. You know, that calm, comforting, higher-knowing-soul-self we all have…I sparked it with some self-care

Soul Care

The symbols and pictures were all of me loving up my family including those who were in spirit, walking my dog, checking on relatives and friends who were in need of a boost and of course, of me at work. Not one was of me taking care of me. 

I found some lavender and salt, tossed them into the tub and took a warm bath in the middle of the day. Afterward I silently sat in front of a fire and listened to myself breathe.

Following what seemed like a few minutes but was really over an hour I did tons of Sun Salutations (yoga) drank a giant glass of cool, clean water and contentedly glanced around the room. 

Root and Flight YES

I  looked at the view from my back windows, and the pillows on my living room sofa and began feeling such deep appreciation for everything in my life… I wanted to cry…but this time in a good way.

Next I got rid of some shoes that no longer worked for me, emptied my fridge of anything that looked like a science project, cleared out some old files on my computer, left messages for a few sweet friends I had not connected with lately and made a healthy dinner for me and mine. 


Who are you Mercury?

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is all about Language—both  verbal AND written. Transporting of messages and just simply transporting is this planets sphere. Let us not forget electronic communication such as cell phones, computers etc.. they are shall we say, touched by Mercury Retrograde. 

It’s about COMMUNICATION! And while Mercury is in Retrograde, all things communication can tend to go WONKY!

Also, at this time the veil between worlds thins. A space between the material/physical and the mysterious opens up. My yearning for connection with loved ones in spirit was prompted by this thinning. 

Part of what had set me off was me missing my dad, aunt and grandparents. I know I find their love within me when I am loving; so this retrograde gave me a tremendous gift because it reminded me of that.

Can you relate to my experience? 

Insights at times like these come in louder and stronger and moods run hotter so the best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is DO WHATEVER CALMS and SOOTHES.

do whatever calms and soothes

Mercury Retrogrades, I shall say again, can make us feel a little wonky. It’s okay though, because it’s a great time to un-stuff our stuff and sublimely grow our intuition.

Here are some potent ways to advance your intuition!

Un-stuff your stuff!


Allow your Intuition to grow!

You-had-something planned(1)

Three important things to remember…


May the voice of your intuition sing!


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Hey Summer Solstice!


hey summer solstice

I love to write about celebrating…especially when it comes to the light of the soul!

On Friday, June 21, the sun beams bright from our skies and longer than on any other day of the year. It’s summer solstice!

The word ‘solstice’ means sun standing still and is derived from the Latin word solstitium.

It’s true; the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Solstices are contrasting on either side of the equator, so the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the actually the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

I like to think of the solstice as being triggered by the tilt of the Earth.

The divine energy it radiates will help elevate your vibration! Solstices help us dial into to ourselves so we can better comprehend where to point our personal focus.

Whatever we focus on multiplies. 

In fact, what we see, what we say, and what we think is what we get. 

What are you focusing on?

Whatever it is, you are giving it great power.

For example…

The level of personal expectation we attach to our lives, including our work is astounding. All of our endeavors, including the professional ones, illustrate something of who we are at the core.

This has nothing to do with status; it’s all about soul. 

Your soul is involved in your business

One of the elements I appreciate as an intuitive coach is my ability to profoundly connect with people. Many feel alone and small, and fear being exposed. But I see the light in their souls and reflect it back. Most of all, I love and believe in people. Connecting with and helping others is my passion.

I have connected soul to soul with people even before I came out of the psychic closet. In my life I’ve been in real estate, cut hair, sold print advertising and worked for a technology firm. These are just a few of my past vocations. 

Though you may not always love the work you are doing right now, there is something special in it for you. Your soul guided you there for a reason. Find that something and your life will become even more dazzling. 

Make a habit out of finding something to appreciate everywhere you go and feel yourself fill with light. The light is your connection to your higher-knowing-self.

Allow this inner-knowing to be the backdrop of your every action. The Universe supports you in this.

We human beings are magical creatures. We can heal a broken heart or break a whole one with words that hold comfort and affection or anxiety and acrimony.

The words we say to ourselves are the most powerful of all.

Speak with kindness. 

Compassion can be a lifesaver.


So as you prepare for the summer solstice, find something you like about where you are, and speak and think words that feel like a hug. The divine energy of this solstice will help elevate your vibration!

I am here I am whole I am now

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The Light That is You!

I don’t know about you, but I drown in too shallow of water.

For years I have written myself out of sadness and into the light.

The spirit within 1

I definitely gravitate toward people who have danced with their own shadows. Those who are willing to sink into their pain in order to catapult themselves out of it!

You know them and may even be one of them. I’m referring to the writers, singers, authors, deep thinkers, painters and sensitive lovers of life.

While it’s true that I’ve made peace with my own loneliness and now feel whole, it’s also true that balance is a moving target.

Balance-is-a-moving B

What I mean is, we can find our balance, meaning peace but things around and within us change. That’s life. It is when we can find our balance again and again that life begins to feel really good! Offer yourself silence

Our innate intuitive knowledge resides in the light. So do those who have danced with their own shadows. danced with my shadows until

Light attracts Light

The first time I saw the phrase, Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe I fell in love with it. But our vibration is not about who we are, it’s about how we are so how does that translate when it comes to our tribe?

Are there people who can be comfortable enough within their own wobble that they won’t be dissatisfied with ours?

The answer to this is YES. Just be yourself. Be your loving, approving-self whenever you are able. When you are not, just breathe.

Breathe and allow your calm, knowing, higher-soul-self to settle in. Let the moments that stink be just that, moments. Write them out of yourself and into the light!

I had one those moments tonight when I was faced, yet again with the knowledge that as a medium, I’m still considered strange.

For-over-30years-Ive (1)

I’m back in the light!

The light that is you

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