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To be enlightened

Have you been feeling an excitement in the air? Like you know something good is coming, you feel both elation and slightly on edge? When this happens I run through my trusty Space check list.
The questions on my checklist include: How do I feel and why? Is something feeling unresolved? How are my boundaries, am I tired, hungry or thirsty, is there a spirit trying to reach me?  If I’m all clear on the Space check list my mood shift is likely due to something cooking in the cosmos.
Where there are astrological shifts, there are emotional and spiritual shifts as well! So whether or not you’re interested in Astrology, the moon, the stars and the sun impacts your life.
Why not harvest some of that astrological energy?
There’s been a lot of talk recently about Uranus. Uranus is rather famous, thanks to astronomer Sir William Herschel who discovered the planet in March of 1781, on the 13th day, with the aid of a telescope! This was a big first so I thought it worth the mention.
In the past days, Uranus began its journey through Taurus, the sign of steadfastness and stability. The last time this occurred was in 1934! The seventh planet from the sun, Uranus is cold and windy and one of truth, emancipation, liberation and change.
It seems to me that this is an indication of an upcoming well-deserved modification!
Compare this time to a brilliant painting. A painting you created one adept brush stroke at a time. It’s nearly ready for display. The paint is drying and the remarkable, earthy colors are vibrant, your artistry electrifying.
You are now making space, one truth at a time, for your creation.
Breathe yourself back into wholeness. Listen to the sound of your breath then inhale your dreams and exhale them into your life. Think about what you wish for, play it out in your mind and absorb the good feelings around it.
Remember, your soul is wise and placed you here, right here for a reason.
Since the goal of the soul is to seek enlightenment, and change brings with it growth and therefore the offer of enlightenment, we need not fear what’s happening.

we fear nothing

It’s a good time to allow the quiet and often still voice inside of you to get some air.

be you

We are all connected energy.

people see with their spirit yes

 The Universe has your back.

divine work of art


So dance May 2018

Remember to Breathe

the beauty around and within me YES

Now show the world your SHINE!

Trust in your Higher Self. You’ve got this!

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Flirting with the Moon

There’s something cooking in the Cosmos!

I am an energy reader, so when I feel that there’s something going on astrologically speaking I look for astrologers with good energy to help me understand.

For those of us without substantial knowledge of astrology, it can be overwhelming.

The whole mediumship thing was overwhelming to me at first until I learned some basics, starting with boundaries! Steady boundaries gave me the strength to say NO to pushy spirits!

So as I flirt with the idea of getting to know the moon, the stars, Eris, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Neptune, I search for a foundation to lean on.

The first step in this is understanding how I feel as planetary changes occur. When I’m feeling off for no apparent reason, meaning there are no roaming and draining spirits nearby, my family is doing fine and my personal boarders are in place, I head to my computer and the internet for astrological information.

Alex Myles of Elephant Journal wrote, “On March 17th, the sun, the new moon, and the planetoid Chiron will all be huddled together gracing the sky in the sensitive zodiac sign of Pisces.”

Apparently Chiron is a restorative planet which means the potential for healing emotional wounds is good. But the new moon, which is dark and invisible to the unaided eye has an impact as well.

Just think “dark side” and keep an eye on your inner-bully. Choose compassion instead.

Dear Universe

Myles says, “On moon phases, when cosmic energy is highly charged and intense, and we aren’t listening carefully or understanding the teachings hidden within the turbulence, it is quite common for “all hell to break loose” and for emotional, dramatic meltdowns to occur.”

Old emotional stuff is never easy when it comes up and since my mom died in January, I imagine I’m in for a ride. Focusing on the light will help my own light beam, so I’m in!  

Just remember, your soul is wise, and knows the way. The way is filled with the energy of compassion, forgiveness, strength and the power to stand up within it.

Inner strength warmly

Darkness makes it easier to spot light so on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, I may be wearing green but I will be focusing on the light.


 Surround yourself with people who make a habit of choosing love instead of fear.


Trust in your Higher Self. You’ve got this!

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The Happy Medium® book series!

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Strengthen your Intuitive Skills by putting them to Work for You!


Feel inspired to take a chance and wonder if you should? Hesitant about the big decision you just made and could use some divine support? Keep seeing double numbers on the clock and have a feeling it symbolizes something?

Numbers, symbols, and signs can inspire and support you!

Start noticing coincidences, serendipitous events, and calming dreams.

Pay attention to how you feel and signs from the Universe and your guides will begin to become clearer and clearer.

Numbers, symbols, and signs are in our lives for a reason—they are one example of how our guides and loved ones communicate with us through the language of intuition. They help illuminate the messages our higher soul-selves crave.


For example…You and your spouse have been heavy into conversation about having children and you are not sure the timing is right..But for the past ten days, every time you walk into say a coffee store, barbershop, drugstore or computer store, the first people you notice are those with young children. You begin to grin, your heart beats a little faster and you feel like butterflies are dancing in your stomach.

Yes, this is a sign.


Art by Jacque Rosenau!

Notice how you initially feel when the sign appears. The meaning will likely bring you to a place of power, not depression. The voice of our intuition is soothing and discerning, never critical or blaming.

Decide that every sign represents something affirmative and be open and positive.


My new book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition is filled with intuition popping techniques that will help you learn to trust your gut and to start to recognize the meaning behind the numbers and symbols and signs that materialize in your life every day.

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Numbers and Symbols and Signs Act as my Compass.

MTKA event

Numbers and symbols and signs are in our lives for a reason. They help illuminate the messages our higher soul-selves crave. Guides, angels, hunches and hugs do the same.

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is...Are you reading my mind..what am I thinking? (I’m not because it’s truly none of my business) Another is What’s in my future? (Whatever is in your mind) And still another..Is my deceased mother here, what does she say? (Loaded question!)

People also love to ask me about signs from the other side..what they are and how they can know for certain that they are real?

Though our loved ones are obviously gone from our everyday lives, they really are not lost. They are safe. Signs from the other side are abundant in form. The spirits sending them aspire to communicate a message or simply be acknowledged. There are so many, one blog could not possibly cover it but I’ll highlight some big ones! I do write more about signs of signs in The Happy Medium, (Llewellyn, 2009) if you would like to learn more.

Numbers-and-symbols-and signs yes

Some people connect the scent of cigarettes to a deceased loved one who smoked, or recognize the particular aroma of a favored food that a loved one prepared regularly or even a specific preferred perfume. Such defined scents, suddenly in the air, are a common way for spirit to say, “Hello there, I’m fine and stopping by to say I love you!”

Another sign is a favorite song played repeatedly on the radio, especially on an anniversary date or a birthday. Music is an especially compelling way to connect. Some spirits use coins to say hello. They may be found repeatedly in odd places as a calling card.

Its-your-life-so-dont just YES!

It is not uncommon to try so hard to see, feel or sense some sort of sign from a loved one on the other side that you actually miss them..or rather over look them. Just remember…there simply is no such thing as a coincidence. Be mindful of your dreams. Spirits on the other side like to reach us through our dreams.You do not have to try too hard to notice a calling card from a crossed-over loved one; just remain open minded and pragmatic at the same time.

Signs from the other side are not the only signs to consider. Insightful messages arrive in many forms. Numbers are amazing tools of communication from our higher self and our guides as well as the Universal Source. Numerology is the study of numbers, and the mystical manner in which they reflect certain character tendencies. Numbers in sequence hold an amplified power.


Seeing numbers in double, triple or quadruple form intensifies their qualities. When we see them over and over again, it also illustrates that we are in sync with the Universe. My understanding is that the number one is said to be the number of action, originality and creation..the number that started it all. Two is associated with cooperation and harmony and three is associated with the vibration of creative self-expression, manifestation and abundance for instance.

My initial interest in numerology began years ago with the study of the Kabbalah. Though I love learning about numbers, I am by no means yet an expert. If you want more information about numbers, their vibration and meaning, there are a multitude of fun and interesting sources. Here are just few. IND5, Forever Conscious, Kari Samuels.


So when we randomly look at the clock and see 11:11 over and over, the number one is amplified. The meaning behind the double numbers from the perspective of this medium, rests in part on what exactly we were doing right before the double numbers appeared. Many believe, myself included, that when we continuously see 11:11 it is a sign that we are waking up, spiritually speaking, to the divine light within and are becoming more and more aligned with our soul’s purpose. In other words, we are sparkling! When great numbers of people are noticing the same numbers at the same time, a planetary arousal or activation is underway.

I-am-alive-to-my-souls 3

There’s a lot of talk about the new moon today…on11-11 and for good reason! Eleven is a master number and holds a high vibration. It’s a time of inspirational awakening! The light, including our light is amplified! Our ability to manifest our hearts desires will be far stronger than usual on 11/11 at 11:11pm! It is the start of a new energetic phase. We need to trust our deepest instincts and act on them. It’s time to master our life.This moon supports our dreams and desires!

BelievingAffirmationTrans YES

We can electrify our world through the use of affirmations! Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

Hope you enjoy these affirmations! Thank you for reading my blog!

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