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An Emotional Eclipse




Hello exciting New Year and Hello New Moon Solar Eclipse! New moons always mean a fresh start and eclipses bring big, bold, new beginnings externally as well as internally. This new year starts off with a bang as our vision to see an internal side of ourselves and others is sparked.

The cosmos do not disappoint! 

img_9303 (2)


On this the first anniversary of my mom’s transition into spirit I am filled with memories of her. For most children their relationship with their mom is one of love mixed with salt and pepper. I’ve learned that all relationships can be bitter mixed with sweet. 

For me on this day, I am flooded with contrasting emotions. I would love to say that I am so evolved that the memories are only of the last several months of her life, when things between us were the very best.

emotional anniver

But as I sit here in my cozy family room with my dog sprawled out on my lap, I feel what it was like to be 14-years-old curled up and sobbing in my bed. In the weeks prior she  told me I wasn’t a child she could mother. Back then, the way she felt about me radiated throughout the house. My awareness of her disdain colored my thoughts dark and suffocated my self-esteem.

Time has taught me patience so I now breathe, relax into how I feel and allow the feelings to wash away.

In my mind I am gently moving the tear-drenched-curls from my eyes and am telling myself a different story than the one I told myself back then.

Her rejection of me wasn’t really of me, it was her refusal of a part of herself. My mom was reacting to her own wounds. I deserved all the love in the Universe and received it through the kind acts of neighbors, relatives and friends.

rewrite your story

As I tell myself a different story about what went down, not an untrue story but one based on a different perspective, my heart warms and I am able to feel the light I’ve been filled with for the last 40-some-years.

Because I allowed myself to freely feel (and write) I’m able to remember with love the wonderful conversations my mother and I had during the last 24-months of her life.

spirit cell phone

We truly cannot pick the memories that arise. For me, several of them have been surprising, but we can choose what story we tell ourselves about what the memories mean. And that saved me today as it has before. I’m now able to feel my love for her fully because I allowed myself to quickly clear, emotionally speaking.


I’ve been interacting consciously with the spirits around me  since I was a teen and have literally read thousands of people. I’ve noticed that there is a rhythm to the soul’s journey as well as a theme.

The people who are the happiest are not those who have sailed through life seemingly tragedy-free. Quite the contrary, the happiest people are the ones who shine a spotlight on the good stuff without ignoring the bad.

So today’s theme for me is a reminder to focus on the happier version of my story. This way, I can honestly write a happier ending to my childhood. After all, it ushered me into my now, where I am loved, and safe, and wanted.

So now, I’m completely filled with memories of my mom smiling, talking about her beloved books while sipping iced-tea. She is radiant and I am peaceful.

It’s okay to miss what we could have had in our relationships with those we love as long as it doesn’t blind us to what we do have.

I’m not only talking about this, I’m teaching it. We actually ARE the authors of the story our soul unfolds. Let’s be conscious of this!


This process works so well for me I decided to share it! If you would like to hear more about writing a happier story-line into your life, join me January 16th for The Story of Your Soul! It’s an online Event! Register now & receive 50% off ticket price! Just use this discount code!   ZVX9UY5V

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I’m Back!


How have you been? If feels like forever since I’ve written in this blog and I feel like a different person. I’m so truly grateful to those who reached out in thought, post or deed to extend words of condolence, understanding or humor to help lighten the load of grief left after my family suddenly lost our sweet dog Baci.

I remember when I was writing The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition how sweet if felt to express how normal it is to feel our loved ones presence even after they had ‘died’ and then on page 252 my own father died.

And still I wrote, and I grieved, and I wrote. I may be a psychic by nature but I am a writer by heart.

Much has happened since then as I am sure it has for you. Children are born, parents die, we give birth to new careers and parts of ourselves and we keep moving on.

And so it is that I am releasing my second book.



My first book validated the existence of life after life and the beauty of the intuitive process.My next book, The Happy Medium: Speaking the language of Intuition is due out in December of 2016 and puts that message into practice to offer vibrant, appealing, insight-boosting practices that will help you become and live more of your intuitive-happy self.

It’s designed for people who want to more fully understand the language of their own intuition, and is packed with spirited, entertaining, intuition-popping practices that can be applied in a parking lot, a mall, or a boardroom!

Makes a fabulous holiday gift! More info to follow!


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Affirmations generate Transformation

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Park Your Thoughts Here

I-hug-my-knowing-soul YES JODI

Parking Your Thoughts has to do with the power of the spoken word, the unspoken word and the thoughts we hold tight.

Where do you park? I’m not referring to your car, I am referring to your thoughts. What thought or thoughts does your mind rest on most often?

The spoken word has enormous impact on us, especially when accompanied by honest emotion. The words we think and say hold a depth of power few understand though thankfully, the subject is becoming more and more popular.

The subject of, and discussion about where we park our thoughts however, is relatively uncharted territory.

As-I-breathe-in-sacred (4)

In mediation we are encouraged to allow our mind to be still. Initially this can be daunting. Finding and holding this space, or actually living in this space is challenging.

I’m a huge believer in adding light to our lives. Staying mindful of what we are feeling, thinking, and saying helps us do just that, as does meditation. But meditative state aside…when we rest, where do we park our thoughts at the end of the day or at the end of a conversation?

After the words have been spoken, where does the mind go?

Think about the last time you “spaced out” during a walk and found yourself blocks away from your intended destination. Do you remember where your mind went?

Unconsciously parking your thoughts is when you find yourself replaying a scenario over and over again in your head. You keep the emotion behind the memory alive in a suspended freeze or you hold onto the feeling the event evokes, and you park there.

The mind does go somewhere when it roams and I believe that remaining conscious of where it goes is as important as the words we speak and the thoughts we think.

I find it encouraging to know that once we learn how and where to park our thoughts, we gain access to a new level of contentment that feels really delicious. I refer to it as a purposeful neutral. But we need to stay conscious of where we allow our mind to wonder.

Consciously parking our thoughts in a safe environment contributes to our ability to manifest the fabulous.

I-am-growing-up-and (1) yes

So, I have a question for you and it is not a commoner one? Where do you park your thoughts?
Do you rest them on feelings of love, hope, hopelessness, daring, or of course, fear? Do you know?

Find a parking spot…Ask yourself these three questions when you are alone and have a few moments to yourself.

Who am I?

How am I?

Where am I?

Simple, right?

Who am I? (Say your full name. This will protect and ground you.)

How am I? (Are you happy, sad, anxious, hungry etc. This will connect you more solidly to your body and your feelings.)

Where am I? (I’m in my living room and watching my son play. (You are present.)

You now have more conscious control over where you rest your thoughts. This is where affirmations can be a beautiful thing. Choose an affirmation, quote, or poem that feels good to read and rest your thoughts there. Allow the sensations you feel as you read the affirmation to move in and through you. Memorize the feelings.

Here is an example. If you are feeling excited and anxious over upcoming changes in your life, read something like this affirmation and hold onto the feeling reading it evokes. This is what I mean when I say,… Park your thoughts HERE!

I-walk-through-life-with YES


When our mind is spinning and we want to calm and slow it down…



When we are in pain…

I-am-a-beloved-and (2)

When we want to boost our confidence…



When we dare!






When we berate ourselves…



I-am-awake-to-the-spirit (2)When we are feeling the strength within…

Remember…When we know how and where to graciously rest our thoughts, and choose to do so, we gain access to a new level of contentment.


We-are-the-authors-of (1)

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We can electrify our world through the use of affirmations! Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

Hope you enjoy my affirmations, thank you for reading my blog!

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Did you see Jodi’s last TV segment on Twin Cities Live? She read Paul McGuire Grimes, TCL’s Movie Guy! He’s a riot and the reading was great!

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Keeping Summer Alive!

Keeping summer alive all winter long!

My-energy-is-ignited-My 2Keeping the feeling of summer alive during the colder months of autumn and winter will add a little light to the colder seasons! There are a few simple things you can do to help you along the way and they are all pretty easy.

Care for all your senses. How things feel, smell, taste look and sound matter. The general vibe of summer is light and warm. Maintaining the same feeling will brighten your day and lighten your mood. Here are a few simple suggestions….

Add plants to your home..ones that are easy to care for and fun to see. Include a few new deep and bright colors into your home decor and add a rug or two that feels good to touch. Bring a small water fountain to work or set one up in your family room. It will help keep your energy flowing.

Exercise…find one or two that you can more than tolerate…you want to enjoy them so you will do them often. Adding an extra run or three up and down your stairs every day is an example of an easy need-to-exercise fix.

Food..we love our feel-good foods in Minnesota and I’m sure it is the same around the globe. Apparently, certain foods lift us up..such as cranberries, ginger, garlic, greens, grapefruit, beetroots, carrots, and garlic. (Good Foods,10-27-15)

We-are-allowed-only-the 2Here are a few things that seem to add a metaphysical lift to the mood and a pop to our vibe…Drink clean, clear water with lemon, sit in the sun at least three times a week or near a window during the day. Take a sun-nap, add fresh herbs to your food and wear bright colors no less than three times a week. Add music to your day, every day. Be sure to add time to your week to be around people and relax.

Expression-through-music And my last keeping summer alive suggestion is to SAGE! Clearing our space of old, worn out thoughts and/or negative energy is a must all year and during the winter it’s even more important because the windows and doors are more commonly closed shut. This clogs up the energy in our homes and as a result, it can clog us up a bit as well. Lighting sage, or smudging as it is commonly referred to, is a Native American tradition. In my experience, it works!

A more detailed description of this technique is included in The Happy Medium.

The most effective way I know to clear a space, or “sage”
it, as we refer to it in my home, is to clean it first. If you do
not have time to conduct a good old soap-and-water house cleaning,
simply wash a few dirty dishes and empty your garbage. Your
intent honestly matters. Getting rid of clutter is also a highly effective
way to change and raise the energy vibration. The act of cleaning
and clearing clutter sends a wonderful message to the Universe
of an openness, and willingness to change.

The smudging ritual can be defined as a powerful spiritual
or mystical house cleaning. It leaves a space fresh and clear of
unwanted energy and allows the light to come on in!

I-am-healthy-and-happy 2Reasons to light sage.., to enhance or create positive energy, and
to reclaim your space and make room for further joy and prosperity.

To do this powerful spiritual clearing, you will need a just few
items: something to burn, and something to burn it in. Please
be mindful of using appropriate, fire resistant tools, and be
aware of the possibility of upper respiratory issues arising due
to the smoke.

The most commonly used herbs are white sage, cedar,
cilantro, mugwort, lavender, and sweetgrass. You will find
these herbs online, in co-ops, and in health food stores.

Another option is purchasing a smudge stick. Smudge sticks
are bundles of dried herbs tied together with colored thread or
a strip of hide.You will also need matches and
a ceramic or stone bowl, a seashell, or a natural, fire-safe bowl.
An ashtray also works well.

Next, open a window. If possible, leave it open during this
process. If it is too hot or cold out, just open the window for
a few minutes at the end of this process.

We-respond-to-that-whichThe next step is to concentrate on the four corners of each room. Traditionally,
you would start your cleansing in the east, fanning the smoke with a feather or just your hand. Continue around the room in a clockwise direction. The smoke from the smoldering herbs attaches itself to negative, old, tired energy. Remember there should be no actual flame, just a smoldering. As it clears away, it takes with it the negative energy, releasing it to another space where it will be turned into positive energy.

I-find-myself-observing 2Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

We are the authors of the story our soul unfolds. So write a beautiful story!

Affirmations Generate Transformation

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Hug People With Your Words, Love is Contagious!

IMAG6810Have you ever given a book as a gift? They make great gifts and can stimulate the mind and open it as well..along with the heart. One of the most memorable gifts I have ever received, aside from my husband and children, is the experience of seeing something I have written published. I love to hug people with my words.

There is something so beautiful about the written word. The spoken word has true impact on us as well, especially when accompanied by genuine emotion. The words we think, say and write hold power as do the words we read. Before I send an email I read through it a few times to make sure there are no errors. Before a speaking engagement or a reading of any kind, I say a silent prayer asking the Universe for strength and wisdom so that everything I think, see and say, be only for the highest good of all.

As a psychic medium, I am a conduit between worlds and an interpreter of information. I act as both a voice for the higher self and a link between worlds. My goal is to provide a clean and non-biased interpretation of what I see intuitively speaking. Because I’m so visual by nature, psychic information is presented on the screen in my head, like a mini-action movie. This is where the interpretation comes in. My personality and interests naturally shine through whatever I say.

I was recently in California and on the MAX Morning Show with ‘MURPHY and KIM on 105.7MAXFM. Murphy and Kim are hilarious hosts with a great professional chemistry. They keep things exciting and moving along quickly. They asked me to do some on-air readings and naturally, I loved the idea!

Frank Jack Murphy Me Kim KayaThe moment I heard the first caller’s voice, the screen in my head lit up with an assortment of pictures. Laughter filled the studio and the time flew swiftly by.

I felt so great as I left the studio and even better when I received an email from the show’s producer with some great feedback and a copy of an email or two from a listener who initially was not at all a believer and considered herself to be “very skeptical”. After her on-air reading she emailed again to say Jodi…”was right on”…and… “She made me a believer!”

Hug-people-with-your (1)

This was the first of several comments I heard or read, most of which were wonderfully positive. Apparently, a listener thought I should have spent more time with each caller. Though I try to meet the needs of everyone I read, it is just not possible to please everybody and for that I am sorry.

Good mediums maintain high universal standards, ethics, and morals. They also are able to sustain emotional balance, which of course helps maintain their ability to feel compassion. In my line of work, as well as every other, a powerful combination is compassion, skill, sound training and high ethical standards.

It is because I know from way down deep that I adhere to this, that I am able to let some of what people say roll off of me. Believe me, this has been a tremendous process.

When-I-feel-afraid-II have a bucket full of tools and techniques I use to lift me out of a negative space, help me gain perspective and/or deal with my hurt and anger. One of my tools is…you guessed it, reading affirmations!

Affirmations help us problem solve, clean house, raise our vibe and my personal favorite..magnetize to us that which we most desire!

But first we have to clean house. A tremendous way to begin is to acknowledge our every feeling and emotion so we can move through them and forward.

I-am-now-in-tune-withAs you read the affirmations on this blog, imagine the words sinking in and as they settle, all thoughts and memories that no longer serve your greater good are erased.

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Hope you enjoy these affirmations! Thank you for reading my blog!

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I Am Exactly Where I Need To Be

I choose to observe instead of obsess and trade scared for serene whenever possible.

Autumn at the beachMy affirmations posts and blog have received a wonderfully warm response and I am so grateful. I’ve been blessed with amazing support from clients as well as so many other people including friends, family, fb, twitter and Instagram peeps. My ‘social media’ has improved my life tremendously.

Though I may not be able to respond to every comment, I do appreciate and read them with much interest. Last week, someone remarked that some times reading the affirmations was difficult when she was in a down space.

This is easy to understand as saying, I am loved and I am peaceful can feel so inauthentic when we are rather stuck in more of a I am down so this feels dumb sort of space.

It is perfectly okay to be in a down space. It’s also just fine that you are not feeling a match to every word in an affirmation. What matters is that you feel. So instead of…


…you could try


You can always modify an affirmation you are drawn to but don’t resonate with 100% and/or you can create your own! When they feel good to read, they work best.

Affirmations are empowering because they override the sound of the broken record playing in the back of our mind that repeats…you can’t, you aren’t, you idiot. (Okay, that is one of my broken records but you get the point!) I’m all for free flowing in dance and art but since coming to grips with how much our thoughts and words create our world, I am far less free flowing with my thoughts and words and as a result, oddly enough..I’m much more easy-going in general.


Want to feel energized and be inspired? Try staying mindful of what you are feeling, thinking, and saying. Just the process of trying (putting energy into it) has the power to add light to your life.

Affirmations help dull the sound of the broken record playing in the back of your head because saying them replaces the sound with the equivalent of lets say… a new hand-picked play list on Spotify! No more, you can’t, you aren’t, you idiot. Now it’s …I now believe in the power of my soul and in the power of self-acceptance! Staying mindful of what you say..and what you think will energize and inspire you.

Did you grow up learning to stay present and conscious of what you said? I have met few who did. My dad would often say, “Think before you talk.” But he said this mostly to my sister Randi because she had the guts to speak her mind. When I spouted off with something odd he would get an irritated look of surprise on his face. As a young medium with a big personality, I had a lot to say and at times, it wasn’t my own voice. Thinking back on it now, I wish could have said..It wasn’t me, some dead person made me say it!


I am exactly where I need to be…

I am exactly where I need to be

My honesty inspires others.

I-respond-to-everyone 3

I am confident, strong, brave and beautiful.

I-now-believe-in-the POWER

I am safe, I am love, and I am wanted.

I-am-a-living-breathing blah blah

Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations, and always, always be nice to yourself. It won’t be wasted time. The Universe will bring back to you what love you give away.

Hope you enjoy these affirmations! Thank you, thank you for reading my blog!

Jodi will be in San Diego California in September speaking at a private sold-out event and she will be on the radio September 17th, 2015 with Murphy and Kim in the morning! The station is 105.7 Max FM!

Jodi will be on Twin Cities Live on September 25th, 2015! Did you catch Jodi’s last TV segment on Twin Cities Live?

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