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How to Re-Juice Even When Life Events Put The Squeeze On You


Stacy I will miss you forever

I could use a motion sickness pill as a result of all the wild ups and downs of the past seven days!

Have the past days felt big to you as well?

I was looking forward to the week of December 2nd, especially to being on Twin Cities Live and shining my intuitive light on TV!

The week started with my youngest coming down with a flu bug that really brought her down. 

My Intuitive Coach clients on Monday and Tuesday were especially amazing and that lifted me up. 

And then in a blur…There was the relief and delight of a planned surgery going well…and then a health scare for me, and next two very dear friends became dangerously ill … One of them didn’t make it.

My friend Stacy had a body that was frail but man she was made of steel.

My family loved her dearly and always considered her to be part of ours. She was a beautiful, fun loving, exuberant woman with a heart of pure honey.

Friendships don’t end with death because love never dies. I could talk about, and blog about her amazing spirit for days but that is not what this post is about. 

stacy fill your life

It is about remembering how to re-juice even when life events put the squeeze on us.

It’s about knowing that we are enough. And tuning in and feeling our light so we can step up to the proverbial plate, and do what it is we came here to do.

In this space we see that our passion for whatever it is we are doing is proof that at the plate we stand. 

Stacy post 2

My biggest passion resides in being a mom.

I love being part of my children’s lives and for our family, that has always included -no matter the weather- sitting in the stands watching them throw, catch, kick or hit a ball. Or as was the case this past Saturday, watching our daughter glide gracefully across the floor in dance.

Having just learned of our friend’s death, we left the meet immediately after her team performed so I could curl up on my living room sofa and cry.  

I needed the comfort of my home. 

The medium in me waited patiently and quietly as I mourned.

car wash quote

My son Aaron was home recovering from shoulder surgery and when he heard me say, “I hope she wasn’t scared.” He said “Mom, anyone who knows you and has heard you talk about the other side wouldn’t be scared .”

Something in his words struck a chord and the medium in me stepped back in. 

Stacy my friend I will miss you forever. I recall now that I have only to remember how you touched my heart to find you.

Stacy post

What TO DO When You Feel Blue

-Know that it is all right to feel the way you feel

-Know that it is also all right to improve the way you feel by changing your thoughts

-Find a memory or a photo that brings you joy

-Close your eyes and say your full name to yourself

-Drop your shoulders so they no longer feel like earrings

-Inhale for a count of seven…exhale for a count of seven, seven times 

-Feel the memory 

-Inhale the joy

-Exhale exhale exhale 

-Inhale, exhale and release

-Breathe some light into your heart

-Allow the love in the moment to come alive within you 

-Know that the way you feel about the memory will be with you always

-The love in a moment lives forever

-Inhale, Exhale, and Release. Know that you are enough!


Live what you love and what you love will fill your life!

Dawn Stacy and me

Fun round of Rapid Readings on Twin Cities Live!

Best shot Dec 2019 TCL

We did a spectacular segment on Twin Cities Live about living with more intention this Holiday Season!


Me doing my own tease


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Autumn Equinox…When Day and Night bow as Equals

Last eve of summer 2019

Today, September 23rd, 2019 we welcome the Autumn Equinox. 

When day and night bow as equals and sun and earth appear to stand in geometrical harmony, the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere trade places.

There is deep significance to these astrological changes. What is without is within. It’s also a celestial voyage. Meaning what is happening on the outside is also happening on the inside.

Autumn is a time when the leaves turn the colors of sunset and they put on their best and last performance. They bow and sway and eventually they fall.

This marks the end of a cycle.  Autumn is a time to gather, celebrate, and let go.


Have you recently felt the need to spend time alone? Have present-day life-events truly taken your breath away?

You are not alone.

I’ve attended more funerals this September than I did in all of last year. 

These events remind me to be mindful, sensible and present. To take stock of and appreciate what I have. And to release what no longer serves me.

I had time alone in my home this past weekend. In the silence I made a promise to myself to move on this day, only in the direction of what I most needed. I sat in the midst of unfolded laundry and cried.

I cried for my friend who just buried her son. I cried for my broken moments and for everyone I love who just lost one of their loves. 

And then something weird happened. Something meaningful and beautiful. As I moved into a deeper space, my knowing-soul-self told me the story of me. 

I listened and saw things from a completely different perspective. The weight of over-thinking dissapeared. I let go.

In the midst of unfolded laundry and red puffy eyes, I came to realize that I am living my dreams! I’m blessed to have an amazing family and a career that allows me to do what I love most….Love people out loud.

And so it is that I am writing about the Autumn Equinox because as it is without, so it is within. 

Synchronicity is my friend.

The Autumn Equinox brings balance. 

Happy Autumn! 

Happy Full Moon Friday TCL 2019

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April snow 2019

SNOW is a FOUR-Letter-Word in my house. Typically I’m pretty chill about the weather but this winter has changed all that. I’m pissed! 

Living in and raising children in Minnesota has been divine. The people, schools, and seasons are amazing! Well, all but one season that is..winter. It’s not the cold that bothers me so much, it’s the ice and snow…and we have had so much of it this season. I know the entire planet is experiencing weird climate changes and they are not fun. 

Frankly, it’s made me a little grouchy today. I’ve held out on doing much posting on social media because I haven’t wanted my yucky vibe to wash over anyone or anything. My clients rescheduled due to the snow, ice, sleet, wind and thunderstorms so I’ve had some time to think.

The other day one of my kids borrowed my car and forgot to return the key. It was lost within said child’s room. As a result of that and the snow, I was late to a meeting and unfortunately, totally bitchy. 

I apologized to my client, a smart business owner and explained that I would be more relaxed in a few minutes. She said, “No problem, just be who you are.” I loved her response and thought…I’m not being who I are, I’m being how I are! 

Allowing your spirit to shine

So I’ve been pondering the art of moving from a heavy place emotionally speaking, to a light place. Not because I feel heavy right now but because through my work and my life in general, I meet people in various stages of grief. As a medium, I’m a conduit between worlds so am witness to some pretty glorious moments of forgiveness, clarity and closure. There are a few recurring powerhouse components that elevate and escalate the process. 

The pivotal factor is our willingness to change. 

Change is challenging for most of us, especially when it involves death, divorce, or any other emotional crisis. As a medium and intuitive coach my clientele includes people who have experienced at least one of the above in a big way.

Let’s face it, most of us have experienced some level of emotional crisis.

Because we have gone through or are in the midst of a crisis doesn’t make us special, it just makes us survivors of life’s bumps. Everyone experiences some level of tragedy and sadness and I am in no way playing that down.  Clearly, some wounds go deeper than others.

I am not a therapist and so not qualified to speak from a psychological standpoint. I speak from a spiritual standpoint.

The brilliant light of my soul

Finding a way to move through the pain and not be defined by it is vital. Knowing the darkness and choosing to move toward the light deepens the colors in our soul. Everything then has more flavor and brings greater delight.

pablo - 2019-03-31T145614.930

In my experience, when I  feel blue or depressed it is horrible and I find it difficult to see with any clarity. But we are all more than our feelings and emotions. This means we are not depression even though we may feel depressed. We are beings of light and when we are sad that light seems dull or even extinguished, but it is not.

When I remember that what I’m experiencing is just a moment in my life, I feel empowered. My energy is ignited, my thoughts fill me with light, and the light fills me with joy.

Inhale the beauty

So what’s the fastest way to get there?

Excerpt from The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition

For centuries musicians, philosophers, poets and the like have searched for the key to happiness with as much passion as the many scientists who study energy in its countless forms. What’s interesting is that happiness is an actual energy. If only they had all gotten together and read the Winnie-the-Pooh books by A. A. Milne, they may have found their answers neatly tucked within the pages.

Do you remember Eeyore, the cynical character in the Winnie-the-Pooh books? He’s Winnie-the-Pooh’s ever-glum, satirical, and doubtful donkey friend. In his eyes, nothing ever goes right, so as “luck” would have it, nothing much does.

And then there’s Pooh’s enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic—yet less-than-responsible—mischief-making tiger friend, Tigger. He loves to bounce around and thinks that whatever he does, he does best. He’s happy-go-lucky, and so as “luck” would have it, things repeatedly turn out well for him.

So what does this have to do with lightening our mood?

If we are willing to go with a more light-filled thought versus the dark ones, our mood is elevated. The higher the thought the more light. The more light, the more happiness and insights.

It’s true that what we see is what we get. This is not only a mind-set—it’s an energy-set. Our “luck” is simply a manifestation of our vibrational energy frequency. Our vibrational frequency is the level at which we radiate. It’s the vibe we radiate.

What’s your vibe?

Feelings and emotions

The higher the thought the brighter the light.

When we feel irritated by someone’s driving or attitude, just be as neutral possible. Neutral is of the light so this means you are getting closer to it!


People see things as they are, not as we are. 

We are not our emotional state of being. We are souls made of light.

Our feelings show us how we are not who we are.

Being willing to lighten our thoughts lightens our emotional load. 

Being willing to change changes everything.

The spirit within

Our feelings and emotions don’t determine who we are, just how we are at the moment.

It’s true, life can be a bitch but we don’t have to be!

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An Emotional Eclipse




Hello exciting New Year and Hello New Moon Solar Eclipse! New moons always mean a fresh start and eclipses bring big, bold, new beginnings externally as well as internally. This new year starts off with a bang as our vision to see an internal side of ourselves and others is sparked.

The cosmos do not disappoint! 

img_9303 (2)


On this the first anniversary of my mom’s transition into spirit I am filled with memories of her. For most children their relationship with their mom is one of love mixed with salt and pepper. I’ve learned that all relationships can be bitter mixed with sweet. 

For me on this day, I am flooded with contrasting emotions. I would love to say that I am so evolved that the memories are only of the last several months of her life, when things between us were the very best.

emotional anniver

But as I sit here in my cozy family room with my dog sprawled out on my lap, I feel what it was like to be 14-years-old curled up and sobbing in my bed. In the weeks prior she  told me I wasn’t a child she could mother. Back then, the way she felt about me radiated throughout the house. My awareness of her disdain colored my thoughts dark and suffocated my self-esteem.

Time has taught me patience so I now breathe, relax into how I feel and allow the feelings to wash away.

In my mind I am gently moving the tear-drenched-curls from my eyes and am telling myself a different story than the one I told myself back then.

Her rejection of me wasn’t really of me, it was her refusal of a part of herself. My mom was reacting to her own wounds. I deserved all the love in the Universe and received it through the kind acts of neighbors, relatives and friends.

rewrite your story

As I tell myself a different story about what went down, not an untrue story but one based on a different perspective, my heart warms and I am able to feel the light I’ve been filled with for the last 40-some-years.

Because I allowed myself to freely feel (and write) I’m able to remember with love the wonderful conversations my mother and I had during the last 24-months of her life.

spirit cell phone

We truly cannot pick the memories that arise. For me, several of them have been surprising, but we can choose what story we tell ourselves about what the memories mean. And that saved me today as it has before. I’m now able to feel my love for her fully because I allowed myself to quickly clear, emotionally speaking.


I’ve been interacting consciously with the spirits around me  since I was a teen and have literally read thousands of people. I’ve noticed that there is a rhythm to the soul’s journey as well as a theme.

The people who are the happiest are not those who have sailed through life seemingly tragedy-free. Quite the contrary, the happiest people are the ones who shine a spotlight on the good stuff without ignoring the bad.

So today’s theme for me is a reminder to focus on the happier version of my story. This way, I can honestly write a happier ending to my childhood. After all, it ushered me into my now, where I am loved, and safe, and wanted.

So now, I’m completely filled with memories of my mom smiling, talking about her beloved books while sipping iced-tea. She is radiant and I am peaceful.

It’s okay to miss what we could have had in our relationships with those we love as long as it doesn’t blind us to what we do have.

I’m not only talking about this, I’m teaching it. We actually ARE the authors of the story our soul unfolds. Let’s be conscious of this!


This process works so well for me I decided to share it! If you would like to hear more about writing a happier story-line into your life, join me January 16th for The Story of Your Soul! It’s an online Event! Register now & receive 50% off ticket price! Just use this discount code!   ZVX9UY5V

best shot tcl nov 2018

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7 Signs that your 6th SENSE is WORKING!

That knowing feeling

Any of these signs pertain to you? 

1. You feel your feelings deeply and respond to them at full speed. Sensitive people ARE psychic people and love big, feel big and react big.

2. You have an inner-compass and an inner-radar that alerts you when someone near is in pain, in love, or lying. 

3. Coincidence is your middle name.  Insightful people repeatedly find themselves experiencing coincidences and synchronicity in their every day lives.

4. You spontaneously experience animated and detailed pictures in your head about future events. These are Precognitive Hit-and-runs! 

5. When you are in a pickle, and there appears to be no way out, you become quiet and search for an answer from within. In other words, you wait for your ‘gut reaction’ to kick in.

6. You often experience innocent-insights and drop-in-insights. These are insights that drop in unexpectedly. They appear as clear flashing thoughts or impromptu waking visions. They are spontaneous and lack a feeling of malevolence and tend to catch everyone by surprise. Children are famous for them!

7. You are aware of the wisdom of your knowing feelings and are perceptive about people..discerning even. You notice compelling subtleties and you like most everyone but now and then, there are some you immediately feel leery of. This knowing feeling is most often correct.

 Feeling good and doing good

If even one of these signs is familiar to you, your intuition is growing. Everyone is intuitive but not everyone knows it. When you know it, you appreciate, so it flourishes. Keep noticing your hunches! This is how we learn the language of our own intuition. 

If you are a super-sensitive, intuitive person you are likely spirited as well. And speaking of spirits, that sensitivity will help you connect to those on the other side, you know, in-spirit!  Keep feeling your feelings, be gentle with your response to them and most of all, keep LOVING BIG! 

 Greater Good

Always remember…When Things Don’t Add Up, Intuition Helps You Do the Math! My Happy Medium books, The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition & The Happy Medium: Speaking the Language of Intuition are brimming with humorous & highly effective insight building techniques! Check them out!

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Bliss Blog

Manifest the FABULOUS in YOUR Life!

I’ve heard it said that if you change your mind you change your life. And I know from experience that if you change your words you change your mind, when you change your mind, your energy is altered and that changes your life.

If you are up for the task, and willing to change, read on.

your feelings are your friends they show you

If-you-have-forgotten 2Numbers-and-symbols-and signs yes

I just breathe and believeIt-all-started-when-I looked


Dear-MomI-promise-I-am alive and wellYour-passing-has-left-a holepablo-31

Choose a quote to land on…and allow your energy to lighten & lift.

In-the-silence-of YESblog 42 Love-and-intuition-are

When-I-stopped-to-take-a 2We-are-the-authors-of (1)

pabloI-allow-my-desires-to take flight YES JODILive-what-you-love-and


The-moon-is-listening and my thoughts YES YES JODIOur-feelings-are-the

I-am-in-my-wisdom 3

changing your words changes your mind


Wishing you deep peace and many blessings.

The Best

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Numbers and Symbols and Signs Act as my Compass.

MTKA event

Numbers and symbols and signs are in our lives for a reason. They help illuminate the messages our higher soul-selves crave. Guides, angels, hunches and hugs do the same.

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is...Are you reading my mind..what am I thinking? (I’m not because it’s truly none of my business) Another is What’s in my future? (Whatever is in your mind) And still another..Is my deceased mother here, what does she say? (Loaded question!)

People also love to ask me about signs from the other side..what they are and how they can know for certain that they are real?

Though our loved ones are obviously gone from our everyday lives, they really are not lost. They are safe. Signs from the other side are abundant in form. The spirits sending them aspire to communicate a message or simply be acknowledged. There are so many, one blog could not possibly cover it but I’ll highlight some big ones! I do write more about signs of signs in The Happy Medium, (Llewellyn, 2009) if you would like to learn more.

Numbers-and-symbols-and signs yes

Some people connect the scent of cigarettes to a deceased loved one who smoked, or recognize the particular aroma of a favored food that a loved one prepared regularly or even a specific preferred perfume. Such defined scents, suddenly in the air, are a common way for spirit to say, “Hello there, I’m fine and stopping by to say I love you!”

Another sign is a favorite song played repeatedly on the radio, especially on an anniversary date or a birthday. Music is an especially compelling way to connect. Some spirits use coins to say hello. They may be found repeatedly in odd places as a calling card.

Its-your-life-so-dont just YES!

It is not uncommon to try so hard to see, feel or sense some sort of sign from a loved one on the other side that you actually miss them..or rather over look them. Just remember…there simply is no such thing as a coincidence. Be mindful of your dreams. Spirits on the other side like to reach us through our dreams.You do not have to try too hard to notice a calling card from a crossed-over loved one; just remain open minded and pragmatic at the same time.

Signs from the other side are not the only signs to consider. Insightful messages arrive in many forms. Numbers are amazing tools of communication from our higher self and our guides as well as the Universal Source. Numerology is the study of numbers, and the mystical manner in which they reflect certain character tendencies. Numbers in sequence hold an amplified power.


Seeing numbers in double, triple or quadruple form intensifies their qualities. When we see them over and over again, it also illustrates that we are in sync with the Universe. My understanding is that the number one is said to be the number of action, originality and creation..the number that started it all. Two is associated with cooperation and harmony and three is associated with the vibration of creative self-expression, manifestation and abundance for instance.

My initial interest in numerology began years ago with the study of the Kabbalah. Though I love learning about numbers, I am by no means yet an expert. If you want more information about numbers, their vibration and meaning, there are a multitude of fun and interesting sources. Here are just few. IND5, Forever Conscious, Kari Samuels.


So when we randomly look at the clock and see 11:11 over and over, the number one is amplified. The meaning behind the double numbers from the perspective of this medium, rests in part on what exactly we were doing right before the double numbers appeared. Many believe, myself included, that when we continuously see 11:11 it is a sign that we are waking up, spiritually speaking, to the divine light within and are becoming more and more aligned with our soul’s purpose. In other words, we are sparkling! When great numbers of people are noticing the same numbers at the same time, a planetary arousal or activation is underway.

I-am-alive-to-my-souls 3

There’s a lot of talk about the new moon today…on11-11 and for good reason! Eleven is a master number and holds a high vibration. It’s a time of inspirational awakening! The light, including our light is amplified! Our ability to manifest our hearts desires will be far stronger than usual on 11/11 at 11:11pm! It is the start of a new energetic phase. We need to trust our deepest instincts and act on them. It’s time to master our life.This moon supports our dreams and desires!

BelievingAffirmationTrans YES

We can electrify our world through the use of affirmations! Take a moment morning, noon and night to read your favorite affirmations!

Hope you enjoy these affirmations! Thank you for reading my blog!

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