MOA, Sea Life, Spooks and Twin Cities Live!

Last Friday I did a shoot for a fabulous television show called Twin Cities Live. The show showcases some of the happenings in the Twin Cities. Let’s just say, something is definitely happening at The Mall of America, and I don’t mean just the great shopping!

I’ve been a regular guest on Twin Cities Live since September 2009. My segments have included everything from reading models (Cheryl Tiegs), football players (Chris Kluwe) to audience members and their pets!

Last October we did a story on a grand old mansion that had been turned into an elegant restaurant called Forepaughs. There was a rumor about ghosts and we set out to discover for ourselves if there was any truth to them. It was definitely a lot of fun but not overly creepy.

Well last Friday was fun and extremely chilling! We invited Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio to join us. We were originally headed to another potentially haunted spot and then Dave learned that something fishy was going on at Sea Life at The Mall of America and suggested we check it out.

So late last Friday night, Kerry from Twin Cities Live, Darkness Dave and I met Megan and Nate from Sea Life at the MOA. We headed down in the dark to see the aquatic life and perhaps some apparitions.

Honestly, I was initially a doubter and thought that the whole thing might be a ploy for advertising. The minute I met Megan and Nate I knew they were honest so I prepared myself for some ghostly encounters. Within a few seconds I felt a chill and sensed stagnant spirit energy rush around my body. I heard faded voices and smelled musty cigarette smoke. Each time I stopped to comment about a different spot, I noticed that Dave paused. I thought it was because of his fear of aquariums.

Later I learned that I had stopped in the very places that Megan had previously pointed out to Dave. They were the very same spots that were noted by employees as potentially eerie.

It’s not unusual for earth bound spirits to drain batteries or mess with anything electronic so I shut my phone off before entering the area. Dave did his thing, I did mine and the spirits floating around Sea Life certainly did theirs! I wasn’t the only one hearing, feeling and seeing apparitions.

When we stepped out of the area, I turned my phone back on and took a few photos. The second picture was great so I saved it and put my phone in my purse. After I arrived home, I wanted to show my husband the cute spook crew and found that I no longer had a camera on my phone. Everything related to the camera was gone. Everything.

Later the next day Dave and I exchanged text messages about the cool and eerie adventure at the MOA. I told him about my camera and then forgot about it until later in the day when I decided to check it just one more time. I touched the camera icon and.. the photos were back!

Without giving too much away before the segment airs tomorrow, you should know.. if you love a good rush or chill, or if you are simply open and interested in the possibilities, you will absolutely want to see Twin Cities Live Tomorrow!

Check it out-10-28-11 at 3:00pm CST on Channel 5-KSTP (!

I was on Darkness Radio this week doing readings and talking about Twin Cities Live! (
Dave is doing a fundraiser at SEA LIFE for Second Harvest Heartland! Check out the link above to learn more or go to my facebook page (!/jodi.livon )
and click on the link.

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The 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year has a reading on live television!

Since August of 2009, I have been a regular guest on a great local television show called Twin Cities Live ( The show features interesting and unique local events as well as updates about what’s happening in the media and in the world in general. National stars frequently stop in to plug upcoming events or products that they are endorsing. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of celebrities and do a reading on a few as well! For example, I’ve met Kevin Nealon, Margaret Cho, David Archuletta, Tom Arnold and Joey Pantoliano. And I’ve had the pleasure for instance of reading Chris Kluwe, Cheryl Tiegs, The Durst quadruplets, and most recently a Playboy Playmate.

When I read someone, my spirit literally merges with his or hers. Last Friday I had the opportunity to read Claire Sinclair, the 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Claire was excited to have a reading and open to what she heard. Her responses were animated and candid which helped make the segment a big success! (

Another reason the segment was so interesting to view is that Claire’s authenticity and warmth were so easy to see. She has an understanding of who she is and resonated with what I said about her. When people own their own truth, they shine.

As I said in my book, The Happy Medium (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2009) when I do a reading, I remind my client to keep their mind open, and to take the information with a grain of salt. All psychics and mediums are simply interpreters of the information they see. When I open up and merge with a client’s higher self or spirit, pictures immediately are dropped into my head about them. These rapid-moving images are considerably relevant to what the client is experiencing in their life at the time. They help me identify how my client can bring more joy and success into their life.

Each time my client acknowledges an understanding about what I am saying the pictures become more vibrant. When truth is acknowledged, the chances of increased joy and success are doubled! There are no passive participants in a successful reading. As I’ve said, when people own their own truth, they shine. Check out the reading I did on Claire, she shines!

My first blog

Anyone out there blogging on a regular basis? This is my first official blog and I’m so excited and a little nervous as well. Writing for me has always been cathartic and extremely time-consuming because I labor over each word. Any blogging advice would be appreciated!

What to expect on my blog.

I’m blogging about…..Tips for boosting intuition, Metaphysical trends, Fun behind the scenes experiences on the set of some fabulous local television shows, Meeting celebrities, Conversations with spirits on the other side and More!

What would you like to see on my blog?