Stories are Made of Times Like These

Stories are made of times like these. Literally.

Times when our first call to action might be one of fear.

And then a lifetime of wisdom sets in and we lean into what makes sense. Not nonsense.  Soul-sense. Common sense.

Can you remember when your parents or grandparents told you stories about what they lived through in their lives? I could always feel such power and strength within the stories.

We are stellar sturdy people living our own stories. Let’s make them great ones, filled with light, love, and wisdom!

There are times AThere are times B

Today-I-stand-in-the YES

Steady your thoughts. Fill your mind with things that feel good to think.


Keep your space clean,  physically emotionally and spiritually. Here are a few suggestions.

moon Stay informed via trusted sources about what’s going on around the world but don’t allow yourself to be swallowed up by any of it.

moon Stay positive by keeping things in perspective.

moon Stay connected because you are not alone. Not only do you live on a planet filled with other great humans, there are angels and guides and light beings everywhere.

Raise your vibration through the energy of appreciation.


Get your silly on!

Hey Siri Hey Google

Remember the light that is YOU!

just breathe and believe

Look for things to feel good about…


Let’s turn our attention to things that SHINE!

Your powerOur Supermoon full moon in Virgo is on the 9th. What’s more Mercury goes direct on the 9th! This is a time of illumination!

March and April have the only visible Supermoons of the year! A Supermoon is a moon that looks larger than other full moons because it is closer to the earth.

March has amazing, heroic, robust energy!

The March full moon is called a Worm Moon because in some parts of the world at this time, the ground begins to thaw and the earthworms start to emerge from the soil. It is often the last full moon of winter!

Other names for full moons in March are Sap Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Lenten Moon, Chaste Moon, and Sugar Moon.

June moonWe are moved…literally during a full moon. Just as the full moon impacts the tides, we are impacted because the human body is made of about 75% water! This helps us feel our connection with the earth more fully.

Not only do we have a Full Moon Supermoon on the 9th, this Friday is the 13th! Yep, Friday the 13th and there are all sorts of reasons to feel good about this!

This is a time of introspection, creativity and intuition!

Watch my awesome TCL segment about the beauty of Friday the 13th!

The light that is YOU

Walk into your own light…you have some great stories to tell!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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