Moving the Hell On!

Since my teen years I have understood the value of processing my feelings and moving on. The moving on part proved a challenge but over time, I became decent at it. I’m no stranger to asking for and extending forgiveness.

I’ve recently had an epiphany of sorts. In the last months I’ve lost two moms and before that my dad, some amazing friends and more. I’m not sure if it’s my age, what I do for my work or just my spirit talking and me listening, but I’m over it.

I’m over feeling bad about feeling bad and also staying sad when I don’t want to be.

And I’m way over feeling like I need to spend an appropriate amount of time processing. How I spend my time is up to me and I’m making some changes. Healthy changes.

Finally, I’m over feeling obligated to some self-set standard of HOW TO ACHIEVE EMOTIONAL WELL BEING! I’m not hiding from my feelings, I’m loving them up and moving the hell on!

Letting go

I want more of the good stuff. My Auntie Ide died at 102 1/2 and my dear friend Jody at 42. Time is moving us all forward. Some things matter much less to me now. The only thing we can put in a doggie bag to take home to ‘heaven’ is love.

So I’m cleaning up after myself when I do something shitty & not looking for someone to blame when something starts to stink!

The power is in my thinking! Actually, it’s in what I think about, speak about, and focus on! The same can be said for you!

April 2018

know how they feel

knowing and showing Realize


Trust in your Higher Self. You’ve got this!

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6 thoughts on “Moving the Hell On!

  1. Good for you Jodi. I wish I could move the hell on! Some days I succeed. Then I dream about my lost son and I don’t want to move on. I want him back. I want to clone him. Life is crap without him.

    Sorry I know we are lucky to be alive, but why an I alive and not him? It’s random, I know. Out of our control.

    1. What a huge loss for you, I can see why you could struggle. Knowing my loved ones are close by doesn’t mean I miss their hugs less, it just means I’ll take all the love I can get..even VERY long distance hugs. Sending you love and light.

  2. Jodi, I love reading your thoughts. You inspire me to really think about how I feel about myself and others. You are such a wonderful person…thank you!!!

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