Flirting with the Moon

There’s something cooking in the Cosmos!

I am an energy reader, so when I feel that there’s something going on astrologically speaking I look for astrologers with good energy to help me understand.

For those of us without substantial knowledge of astrology, it can be overwhelming.

The whole mediumship thing was overwhelming to me at first until I learned some basics, starting with boundaries! Steady boundaries gave me the strength to say NO to pushy spirits!

So as I flirt with the idea of getting to know the moon, the stars, Eris, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Neptune, I search for a foundation to lean on.

The first step in this is understanding how I feel as planetary changes occur. When I’m feeling off for no apparent reason, meaning there are no roaming and draining spirits nearby, my family is doing fine and my personal boarders are in place, I head to my computer and the internet for astrological information.

Alex Myles of Elephant Journal wrote, “On March 17th, the sun, the new moon, and the planetoid Chiron will all be huddled together gracing the sky in the sensitive zodiac sign of Pisces.”

Apparently Chiron is a restorative planet which means the potential for healing emotional wounds is good. But the new moon, which is dark and invisible to the unaided eye has an impact as well.

Just think “dark side” and keep an eye on your inner-bully. Choose compassion instead.

Dear Universe

Myles says, “On moon phases, when cosmic energy is highly charged and intense, and we aren’t listening carefully or understanding the teachings hidden within the turbulence, it is quite common for “all hell to break loose” and for emotional, dramatic meltdowns to occur.”

Old emotional stuff is never easy when it comes up and since my mom died in January, I imagine I’m in for a ride. Focusing on the light will help my own light beam, so I’m in!  

Just remember, your soul is wise, and knows the way. The way is filled with the energy of compassion, forgiveness, strength and the power to stand up within it.

Inner strength warmly

Darkness makes it easier to spot light so on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, I may be wearing green but I will be focusing on the light.


 Surround yourself with people who make a habit of choosing love instead of fear.


Trust in your Higher Self. You’ve got this!

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3 thoughts on “Flirting with the Moon

  1. you are amazing!! after watching your TCL video I can only say.. you are amazing! A true professional who knows about light and letting it shine! Wow. Your positive approach
    permeates the good energy around you. It was a joy to watch you.

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