Death is an Emerging into the Light

Auntie Ide and Jodi

Arranged Marriage

David Berman and Sarah Katznelenborgan had an arranged marriage. Unbeknownst to Sarah, David was several decades her senior. Together they would be blessed with five children; Bill, Louie, Max, Faye (my grandmother), and Ide. When Ide was born, David was in his seventies. Longevity seems to run in the family as my Aunt Ide died last Saturday at the age of 102 1/2.

Ide was a true pioneer. As my cousin Sandy so eloquently has said, “Ide, back in the late 1930’s and throughout the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s was what women are today!” She worked full-time and was an unusually independent thinker.

young ide

For a woman who never was a mom, she sure had a lot of children. We are her nieces and nephews and we are four generations deep. Auntie Ide sipped wine and danced with us at family simchas (celebrations). She actually could out-dress and out-dance us all! She was famous for her chopped liver and her rum cake. She used real rum..and a lot of it!

Ide was the last remaining physical link we had to Bill, Louie, Max, & Faye. She was our family jewel and we all had our own special connection with her. During her last weeks, we sat by her side & held her hand as she struggled to breathe. She was always a fighter and death now was her adversary.



A week before she died, I remember walking into her condo and sensing the presence of a full crowd of relatives-in-spirit. I had very recently been in conversation with my dad, who died years before, so I recognized his energy immediately. My beautiful Grandma Faye, and her brothers were also amongst the throng of deceased loved ones trying to coax Ide over to the other side. I sensed they were telling her about the people, her people joyously gathering, waiting for her to emerge into the light.

Later that night, though she hadn’t uttered a word all day, she became alert and said she needed to go shopping for a dress! Hours later she whispered..”How can they eat spaghetti in the dark?” I looked up in the direction she was pointing and saw a fuzzy scene of large oval-shaped tables covered in a lovely black tablecloth. Sitting elegantly in the center of each was a  gorgeous tall-silver-candelabra with pretty, unlit candles. Her party was right up her alley, fancy!

Fingerprint of the soul

The term labor of love truly took on new meaning in the weeks preceding my aunt’s death. As a medium, I’m trained in differentiating energy. Not only am I able to sense when someone from the other side visits, I can frequently distinguish who it is. Since I knew, or rather know so many of Ide’s relatives in-spirit I began to grasp, from a more personal perspective, how much work it can take to help a dying person relax into death.

We, her nieces, nephews and caregivers were doing our part on this end while those on the other side were doing theirs.

I often sat close to my aunt and whispered things in her ear about ‘heaven’ and promised she would never be alone, she was not imagining things..Her parents were in the room, along with my father, her brothers and sisters and more. She gestured with her hands, pointed in the air and nodded.

Every hour she visibly slipped further and further away from us. I felt like she was somehow visiting the other side in snippets and then falling back into her frail, thin body where she could hear us but no longer respond.

Dying is a process as is birth. For some it goes quickly and for others it goes on and on. Our job on this end is to love our friend or relative, and respect their process.


Marshall & Ide

As Ide moved deeper into the tunnel, memories of her standing in her bright yellow kitchen, watching me dance to the music of one of my records playing on her ancient stereo system slowly swooshed by.

My 15th year was horrendous. While most kids that age struggled to find the perfect hair-style, and themselves, I was searching for a place to live. My parents had just split up and my dad had rented an apartment here in town but traveled all week for work. He agreed to take me in when my mother divorced me too. Ide and her husband Sam lived down the hall from my dad so I spent a lot of time with them. Lost in grief, I had forgotten who I was and certainly who I would be. But my aunt had hope for me and she beamed it into me in every way she knew how.


It was that lost girl who sat weeping by my Aunt’s bed. The combination of so much time spent in her condo and the metaphysical heat of the moment brought me back. Though all of me is grieving the loss of Ide, it is the 15-year-old me who weeps. She was more than an aunt to me. She played mother when my own stepped out.

Life circles around love

I trusted my gut even back then and it lead me here. Here.. to my warm and welcoming home with my sweet husband and three beautiful children.. and of course, my little white dog.

Here where we celebrate the life of one stunning, strong, funny, amazing woman who took her last breath and flew into the dazzling light.

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15 thoughts on “Death is an Emerging into the Light

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your aunt! She sound like an amazing woman! I look forward to seeing you at the State Fair.

  2. That was such an amazing connection both while your Auntie was here and as she passed. How fortunate to be able to live life with such fullness and understanding of life’s cycles. You are blessed with an abundance of light and thanks for passing it along.

  3. What a beautiful story. With my job as a nurse and being present so often with the dying, I wonder who they see and I know they are ready for their loved ones. My 15 year old self was similar to yours. We made it through with the help of special people. She sounds like an amazing soul. Bless you both. ❤️

  4. Oh, Jodi, how sad it is that your aunt has passed. And how wonderful she was! I’m so happy you both had each other. What a beautiful relationship. I loved reading about her and the pictures – so very vibrant! My love to you always.

  5. My. my Jodi, How far you have come along on this journey on Gods earth! I am very proud of of you! I of course knew you well from your beginning as a very small little one, and I personally saw your struggles first hand, All those that love you are so happy for you and the life you have chosen,, Be well! Elaine Yablonsky

  6. Hi there – I found your blog through a mutual FB friend. I just had to say how much I appreciate reading this – I recently lost my dad 9 months ago and am doing my best. I struggle from time to time and lately I have really been missing him.

    Your blog made me cry in relief, brought out some grief, but also gave me that tears of joy feeling. When he passed I had a mental picture of the party that awaited him. As sad as I was I was so happy for him to see the others who’ve passed on and know how excited they would be to receive him. Your description of your family waiting for your aunt, and 15 yr old self – my younger self (my early teens probably) comes out when I think of him and allow myself to really feel the depth of his impact on me.

    I hear him saying phrases in my head all of the time and although it’s me thinking it, I like to think that it’s his way to tell me he’s ok. I’m very superstitious (I’m 3rd generation born on Friday the 13th, my dad was 2nd generation and my daughter is 4th generation.) and just wanted to let you know that in 9 months of searching, reading and relating to your blog is the closest affirmation I’ve found that my father is ok, and I’ll be ok.

    Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient, & I wish I was more eloquent, but thank you. I hope to attend one of your events soon.

    1. Thank you Megan for this openhearted response to my blog. I love that it helped you! And very cool about the Friday the 13th piece..I think that is good luck! Many blessings & please introduce yourself to me when/if you attend one of my events.

  7. Hi Jody,
    I’m new to your blog. I attended your presentation at Champlain HS and you channeled ny mother in law. Based on some events that followed I’m trying to schedule a private consult with you without having much luck. My phone is acting up. Could I reach you or you call txt or email me so we can meet? Thank you. (I have a shoe fetish too, I loved your boots!!)

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