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When I was in sixth grade, my parents purchased a second telephone line for me and my three siblings to share. I still remember the telephone number and how we had to turn the little white switch on the bottom right of our bright yellow phone to access the ‘kid line’.

We were pretty technically savvy if you ask me. That was my one moment in life to feel techno savvy. Times have changed and my own kids have a great handle on how to use computers, cell phones, and the internet. I’ve been the keeper of several of my websites over the years and actually do just fine technically speaking, but the learning curve seems curvier for me than for my kids.

Even spirits seem to be able to master a few things on my new iPhone that I have yet to figure out. Like how to activate Siri without touching the phone.



Today, while conducting a reading for a  young man I’d not met before, a visiting spirit made himself known by showing me his very bushy eyebrows.

I’m a visual person so guides and those on the other side communicate by dropping pictures onto what can be described as a giant screen in my head. My job as a medium is to skillfully interpret what the sensations, scents, sounds and pictures mean for my client. The eyebrows belonged to a dad in spirit with a T name such as Thomas who had some issues with his teeth. Yep, he showed me his teeth.

He also made my heart hurt, literally. Those in spirit can cause mediums to experience certain sensations as a way of communication. In this case, he was communicating how he had died. He then said the word March and the number 63 so clearly it made me smile. During the reading he also shared some pretty detailed career planning advice for my client, whom I was pretty sure was his son.


Love-and-intuition-are (3)

When I presented this information to my client, let’s call him Ryan, (he gave me permission to share his reading in blog and book!) he shook his head in pleased disbelief, turned a little red and said that his dad had recently died at 63 of a heart attack, his middle name was Thomas and the last time he saw him was in the month of March. When I asked him about the tooth reference, he said his dad had had huge issues with his teeth and that he had recently had found evidence of such while going through his dad’s belongings.

I sunk back into my over-sized office chair and silently marveled at Ryan’s dad’s marvelous ability to communicate from the other side. From the corner of my eye I noticed that my phone had light up and saw “What can I help you with” and the word “communicate” come across the screen. I’m new to iPhone but obviously understood that somehow Siri had been activated. The only way that I know to activate Siri is to push firmly down on the white button at the bottom of the phone or use a voice command.

Neither my client nor I had said the word ‘Siri’ or anything that sounded remotely like it nor had we touched the phone which, by the way was sitting more than arm’s length away.

Ryan’s guides and father poured more information into me. As I poured it out, I noticed how calm and confident my client now seemed. During the last few minutes of his reading I shared a few tips with him about how to use his own intuitive compass to help guide him. He was completely open to what I shared and I could see that his own intuition was about to pop!

When I stood up to walk Ryan to the door, his father’s energy floated away.

I-breathe-in (1)


I-successfully-energies (2)

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