MTV Movie Awards, Twin Cities Live and Life

It’s been a busy and beautiful spring in Minnesota. Believe me, we typically earn our springs!

Spring, I have been told is a time for creating, planting, planning and rebirth. It’s also the season of my birth.

This year has been a big one for me with lots of loss and some beautiful gains. My husband and I moved our family to a new home. We loved our old community and we so love our new one as well. Our neighborhood is amazing and filled with kids!

On a sad note, I lost two dear friends to cancer. All the changes have changed me. I look even more fervently to the future. There is so much I want to accomplish; so much I want to learn. Magnetizing what I love is big on my list.

Something good and sweet must be in the air and I am so grateful. My book, The Happy Medium (Llewellyn, 2009) will be included in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Four Seasons Gift Bags! Once I receive the list of recipients, I will post!

I do believe The Happy Medium has met and will meet more stars than I! I have met several however, thanks to Twin Cities Live! The show ( has been a wonder for me. My last segment, ( titled, Following Your Intuition apparently sparked something for viewers because my email box has been brimming with comments and/or requests for readings. The segment is about the intuitive process and how we can ALL put it to good use!

 Put yours to good use..TRUST IT! Or as I love to say…Trust your Gut, Follow your Heart and use your Head!

2 thoughts on “MTV Movie Awards, Twin Cities Live and Life

  1. Love you Jodi! You have been such an inspiration to me! Thanks for following my blog and sharing yourself with us through your blog! You are a wonderful spirit!

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